Wonderful Wednesday #1


I have made no secret about the fact that university life is just not for me. On Sunday I moved into my new house to begin my final year and the inevitable sadness that comes when I am away at university means that I am in need of all the pick-me-ups on offer. Ever since discovering the beautiful Sally Tangles Wonderful Wednesday series, I wanted to give it a go myself, so what better way to start than right now – my first week of dreaded university. View Full Post

Ice Cream Sandwiches (Vegan)


So I realise we are nearly in October and I am pushing it a bit with the summer food, however this recipe turned into a bit of a happy accident after some experimentation with aquafaba. And even though the season is turning right before our eyes and autumn has begun to take form, I am a firm believer ice-cream can be enjoyed at any time of the year.  View Full Post

Sunday Round Up #3


Watching: Me & David have recently starting watching The Walking Dead again. We fell out of love with it around season 4 but we’ve been told to persevere, so we are tackling it again!

Reading: I haven’t started yet, but my next book I have downloaded on the Kindle is called The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, Becky Chambers. My dear friend Hannah recommended it for me, who is something of a book nerd, so I have high expectations!

Blogging:  Shiana Jarvis’ post about ‘why its okay to be average’, FromRoses post over the ‘fear of being boring’ and this oldie but goodie; ‘the complete guide to not giving a f**k’. 

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Rosemary, Honey and Yoghurt Loaf (Dairy-Free)


It seems that people all over the bloggersphere are getting excited for all things autumnal, despite it being (in my opinion) late summer. The sun is still out, the leaves have not turned red overnight and I am not yet yearning to cosy up in fluffy socks, drink hot chocolate or burn pumpkin scented candles. View Full Post