Sunday Round Up #5


Watching: Grey’s anatomy. After majorly enjoying both Scandle and How To Get Away With Murder, I thought I’d go old school Shonda Rhimes and attempt to tackle the mammoth that is Grey’s. It’s a slow series to get into compared to her most recent ones, but now I’ve gotten into it I’m starting to really like the characters, especially Doctor Mcdreamy – offt.

Reading: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, J.K Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne – it’s so nice to be back in Hogwarts again and now all I want to do is go see the play!

Blogging: There have been some great blog posts over the past couple of weeks, but I really enjoyed reading these in particular; Why your expectations are making you miserable – Bianca Bass, Little Acts of Self Love – Life Outside London, Ode to a Saturday – One Pleasant Day and finally, 6 ways to be your own #GirlBoss – Love From Berlin.

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Tahini Swirled Brownies (Dairy-Free)


Do you ever get those moments where you just don’t know what to do with yourself? You have a long list of things you could be doing, but your brain just says ‘nope not right now’. Well as I write this, that’s exactly what’s happening. I find being away at university kills my creativity; my brain isn’t only tired from studying, working and volunteering but it’s also emotionally tired from all the stresses and worries that university life presents. As a result,  creative hobbies that I enjoy become chores, as I’d rather curl up on my bed watching the latest episode of a tv show, reading a book or listening to a podcast – anything that takes my mind away from reality so I don’t have to actually think. 

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Wonderful Wednesday #4


Shortly after submitting last week’s Wonderful Wednesday post, I sliced the top part of my thumb off with a very very sharp knife. Luckily my housemate came to my rescue, but major bleeding ensued and the worst pain of my life was experienced after she stuck my thumb under a cold tap – my goodness I have never felt pain like it. Due to the fact my thumb would not stop bleeding, I was an hour late for work, so therefore not a very good start to the week. To top it all off, my concerns last week of catching the dreaded freshers flu have been confirmed as I sit here remembering all the times that I could breathe through my nose. But enough with the pity parade, lets get started with all the wonderful moments that have happened over the past seven days!

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Pistachio Granola with Homemade Pistachio Butter (Vegan)


Breakfast is a somewhat difficult meal for me. I hear so much about the endless breakfast options, porridge, bircher muesli, poached eggs, tofu scambles, baked oatmeal – the list is endless. The trouble is, the most exciting of these options are time-consuming and, well, the ones that aren’t dont particularly fill me up. I love bircher muesli but after about 2 hours I am on the hunt for something else to eat. 

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Wonderful Wednesday #3


This past week of university has been a bit long and taxing and has possibly been the start of the dreaded freshers flu (I am praying to the almighty that I haven’t got it!). Nevertheless, there has been a few highlights this week and after sitting down to write this post I forgot how much there was to actually show gratitude for. It’s funny how your brain works, always looking ahead to the next thing, but I honestly think this reflection buisness is good for the soul.

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