Magical Granola Dust (Vegan)

As I settle into university once again, I know this term is going to be all kinds of crazy. With eight pieces of coursework due in April (with six being all due in the same week), I am going to be at best busy and at worst, drop out, live at home forever and own about 50 cats. That is why these first couple of weeks back are precious, so I plan on utilising my time and make a few tried and tested staples that will last for weeks.

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Wonderful Wednesday #16

Happy Wonderful Wednesday! I am slightly behind schedule this week due to my return back to uni, to complete my final term. This has resulted in a bit of an upside down whirly couple of days, trying to settle into university life once again, so today my plans are to recombobulate, to get myself back into a routine and tackle my ever-growing to-do list. Before all that boring stuff however, I think I’ll reorientate myself by looking back at the past weeks worth of wonderful. (Oh and the picture above was taken in Morrisons car park, which I know is not the most luxurious of locations, but it was dusk and the sky looked beautiful!)

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Banana Bread (Vegan)

Out of all the baked goods that exist, I don’t think you can quite beat the smell of banana bread, baking in the oven. The best thing is, banana bread is that sort of bake that you don’t really plan for, it just occurs when you happen to have some old bananas leftover in the fruit bowl that are so ripe and covered in brown spots, no-one likes to eat them.

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My Recent Experience with Homophobia


I am an ally of gay rights and I wish that wasn’t true. I wish the gay community didn’t need allies. I wish that this isn’t something that I need to be writing about in 2017. But here we are, and while I am still feeling extremely raw about this experience (as I type, this happened less than 24 hours ago) I am thankful it happened as it has taught me to never stop fighting.

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Sunday Round Up #12

As I head back to start my final term of university tomorrow, this week has been my last week in Devon and has been jam-packed with friends, animal cuddles and Greys Anatomy binges with the boyfriend. It ended, last night, with a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend (photo above is the cake I made him) and sore heads as we begin the week again (am I the only person who thinks that weeks start on a Sunday!?)

Watching: New episodes of Modern Family! Phil Dunphy = life.

Reading: Me Before You, Jo Jo Moyes. I bought this last year when there was a load of hype surrounding the movie, but never got around to reading it. Although I am only a third of a way in, I am really enjoying it so far and the writing is really detailed, which at first I thought was a bit unnecessary, but now it has allowed me to become really invested in the characters.

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