Postcards from Morocco

After exams and the stress of moving house, a holiday was in dire need and Agadir (a coastal resort in Morocco) was the perfect get away. The only holidays I had experienced included city breaks and mid-week breaks across England, so an entire week of 5* all inclusive in a top rated resort was a completely new venture for me. On the first day, we did nothing but explore the hotel, relax by the pool and enjoy endless cocktails. Champagne was drunk for breakfast and Pina Coladas were what followed. With nothing but beautifully hot sun, a good book and beating David at cards, it was a wonderful start to set up the rest of our holiday.

Over the weekend, we took a trip to the Marina in Agadir to have a boat trip out on the sea with the promise of fabulous sun and the ability to jump in and have a bit of a swim. Unfortunately, we picked the wrong day as it was particularly windy and the sea was choppy, resulting in me feeling incredibly sea sick for best part of the journey. Luckily David (under my pestering) was able to get some beautiful photos and the view made the whole experience worthwhile.
 One of the most enjoyable days spent in Morocco was an excursion I managed to convince Dave to take me on; a trip to the Atlas Mountains in a 4×4. The heat was unlike anything I had ever experienced before and the views were phenomenal. We drove around the national park, watched goats climb trees and even ate honey and bread in a traditional Berban household but the trip was made truely special by our fantastic tour guide, Mohammed. His jokes and years of wisdom made the whole day something unforgettable.
On our final day, we took an excursion to explore Marrakesh, a place unlike no other.After nearly 4 hours on a coach we had finally reached our destination and the heat hit us and soon as we stepped outside. Our guide was a bit lack-luster and dull so we spent the morning walking around in the 41 degree heat looking at monuments that weren’t all that interesting. Come lunch time we were all so hot, bothered and hungry we were ready to give up but after being fed and watered our guide suggested we spend an hour or so in a friend of his spice shop, with the promise of air-conditioning and a good laugh.

Similarly to Mohammed, the spice seller really turned the day around. His jokes and knowledge of herbs, spices and natural medicines had us all in stiches, and lifted everyones spirits, making us forget about the rather boring morning. Leaving his shop with our purses a bit lighter we were then free to roam around the famous square, able to buy our sourvenirs and haggle with the locals.As we didn’t have much time, and haggling is hard work we didn’t see as much of the square as I had liked, however I did manage to buy myself some rose water, rose petals and a traditional Moroccan tea-pot.At dusk we headed off to dinner at an award winning restaurant, where we were entertained by a live band, belly dancers and ladies with candles on their heads. We ate traditional Moroccan Soup, Tagine and Vegetables (with chicken and beef for the meat eaters) followed by sweet Moroccan tea and biscuits. After that it was time to go, and I don’t think anyone was able to keep the eyes open long enough for the 4 hour coach journey home.

Our final day was spent soaking up on the last bit of sun and drinking our fair share of cocktails before our flight (not a good idea). Morocco is such a fabulous country, with beautiful heat, amazing food and stunning scenery. The hotel was truely amazing, the facilities and the staff really made it special. After typically enjoying city breaks and places to explore, this holiday has defiantly made me appreciate what it feels like to relax, so the next time we go somewhere it will be someone idyllic, relaxing and hot!