#11 Hello February 2016

Despite normally enjoying January when everyone else around me hates it, this year I had to agree with everyone else. January sucks. I usually enjoy the calmness the month brings – the reboot that is much needed after the busyness of Christmas however for the first week I was bed-bound with a head cold yet busy with all the commitments I had neglected over the Christmas holidays. Apart from the second week where I spent time in Bruges with the boyfriend, the rest of the month was spent dreading going outside into the cold, wet and wind and of course – dreading starting university life once again. With that said and done, I have finally gotten into the swing of things and I cannot believe we are one month down already. When I get my bum into action I want to do a complete blog post about our time away however here are just a few sneak peaks…


DSC_0036_Fotor DSC_0191_Fotor DSC_0194_Fotor

With my plans of returning back to Devon in a couple of weeks for Valentines day, spending some time catching up with friends and (hopefully) making some home-made snickers and maybe some peanut butter and jelly flapjack February is already set up to be a damn good month..