Postcards from Murcia


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If you read my previous post, you would have seen that me and David jetted off to glorious Spain for a week for a free holiday. Spain has never been my first choice of holiday destinations as images of ‘Benidorm’ spring to mind, however Murcia, a little region in south east Spain, was a far cry from my ridiculous stereotypes and we both had a very enjoyable time.

We were staying in a beautiful villa located on the Mar Menor Golf Resort somewhere in between Torre-Pacheco and Los Alcazares. Only once did we leave the resort to venture down to the local beach, however the 20 minute bike journey it supposedly was, took us a lot longer than that and the sun was setting on us rather fast so we thought it’d be best to cycle back home, pronto. From what we did see we could tell it was an authentic area, not the tourist trap we were expecting, however we didn’t re-visit as our laziness got the better on us and we could’t face riding 45 minutes on our bikes in the Spanish sun.

The rest of our time was spent having lazy mornings, sunbathing around the pool, playing cards, eating good food and drinking in the local bars. I read a fantastic book called ‘The Girl with 7 Names: A North Korea Defector Story’ and I couldn’t recommend it enough. If you have an interest in personal memoirs and are looking to learn about a life completely different from your own than I would highly recommend you read it! Its heartbreaking, uplifting and inspirational and if you want a taste you can watch the author’s TED Talk, where she explains briefly about her escape from North Korea and the journey she has been on to get to where she is today.

On our last evening we went to a Spanish Tapas restaurant and had the most beautiful food. Unfortunately not all of it was snapped due to how eager we were to try it, but we had aloli potatoes and mushrooms, aubergine crisps with honey cane drizzle, vegetable tempura and soy, fried squid (Davids!) and vegetable paella which was cooked to perfection. Paella is a dish I am eager to try and master, however I don’t think i’ll come even a fraction as close to the real deal.

Overall, we had a fantastic relaxing holiday that met all the criteria. Self catering for me personally, was a lot better than all inclusive just because of my dietary requirements and it was nice that we were are own bosses, not having to eat in scheduled times. Now that the travel bug has caught me for another year, I am already planning our next adventure, somewhere hot preferably with an infinity pool…. while I don’t think that’ll be within our budget I sure can dream.