7th October 2016

The BEST Vegan Belgium Waffles


Ever since visiting Bruges in January, I have been dreaming about making the perfect Belgium waffles and this my friends, is it. Adapted from this recipe by Christina Cucina, the secret ingredient is the pearl sugar – an ingredient that is crucial to tasty and authentic Belgium style waffles. Waffles that omit this, do not even come close so it is worth hunting down this key ingredient (this is where I bought mine). These waffles are gooey, soft, addictive and when that pearl sugar caramelises, its like heaven on earth. Whenever I have one of these, I am thrown back to nostalgic memories of my magical time in Bruges, which makes me long for winter adventures in Europe, cozy winter clothes and of course, wintery themed sugar ladened food. 

You will need a waffle iron to make these but for how amazing these taste, it is a worthy investment. I have made these with both non-vegan and vegan ingredients, so feel free to use whatever suits your dietary requirements. In Bruges they simply serve waffles with a dusting of icing sugar, because these beauties don’t need anything else, but I suppose if you are that way inclined, serve with ice-cream, chocolate sauce or fresh fruit. 

Ingredients(makes 4 large waffles):


  1. Place the 150g flour and 40g caster sugar in a large bowl and set aside
  2. Mix the yeast with the water and stir until dissolved
  3. Add the AF (or egg) plus the tbsp of butter to the flour and sugar, then add the yeast and water mixture, mixing with your hands to form a sticky dough
  4. Add the 85g butter with the 100g plain flour on top, cover (without mixing anything) and leave for 20 minutes
  5. With your hands, combine the flour and butter until the dough comes together
  6. On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough into a large square and sprinkle the pearl sugar all over
  7. Roll the dough so it forms a large sausage shape, cut into four and leave to rest for another 15 minutes
  8. Pre-heat the waffle iron and cook the pieces one at a time until golden brown and cooked through in the middle (about 5 minutes)
  9. Serve with icing sugar and enjoy!