Wonderful Wednesday #09


With impending deadlines, the panic of having to do Christmas shopping and having zero pennies in the bank account, for any student right now, these next three weeks between now and the Christmas holidays are pure hell. Time management, a skill I am usually excellent at, has gone out the window and I seem to be wondering around in semi-comatose state, constantly thinking about word counts and sociological theories. Even as I am typing this little introduction, I have accidently typed the word ‘essay’ instead of excellent, like some kind of Freudian slip. But enough talk about bloody deadlines and on to the Wonderful! (Just to warn you 90% of my Wonderful things make me sound like an old grandma. In case you were confused, I am actually only 22…)

Electric Blanket

This has been a lifesaver. When David came up and visited me last week, he brought with him an electric blanket that my nan had kindly given to me as she thought I’d need it. Clearly she knows how bloody cold student houses can be. This past week has been absolutely freezing so having an electric blanket to warm me up has been pretty darn good timing. It does make it even more tempting to stay in bed, but I’m not complaining.


Not the kind made out of actual snow, but the kind made up of advocaat and lemonade. In my opinion, this is the best thing about the festive season (anyone who disagrees can come and fight me) and although this is kind of sad (read very), this festive drink made up of frothy alcoholic goodness has been getting me through my essays. Also, at under £5 in Aldi, it’s an absolute bargain!

Christmas Baking 

On Sunday morning all of my housemates were out so I cranked up the Michael Buble Christmas Album and did some festive baking in my pyjamas. It was wonderful. Expect to see a festive bun Christmas tree and some more festive goodies on the way!

Finishing my First Essay 

At the beginning of my final year when I was full of hope and optimism, I thought I would get one of my essays out of the way early, to spare the anxiety, stress and guilt of having to do three so close together. Of course, that didn’t happen and for a solid month I kept thinking to myself, ‘I need to finish this essay’, to ensure I had enough time for the other two. Although this time last week that looked like an impossibility, on Saturday I finally finished it and the feeling of accomplishment and relief was 100% it. Fingers crossed I get a good grade, but for now I’m just glad it’s over. 1 down 2 to go!

These ‘Wonderful Wednesdays’ you have seen scattered all over the bloggersphere have been inspired by the lovely Sally Tangle. If you want to read more then check out Jo, Helen,Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, ElKerri and Carina’s blogs and let us keep this cycle of happiness and good intentions spinning!

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  • Ah you poor thing, this time of year is certainly stressful for us all! Best of luck with your other study commitments.

    I’ve never actually heard of snowballs but they sound delicious! I can’t wait for some festive baking posts from you 🙂

    xx Carina

    • Thank you, I complain but it’s my final year so it’s not going to be the norm for much longer! 😛

      YES they are amazing. You will not be disappointed! xx

  • Cat

    You know, I’ve heard of a Snowball but have never actually tried one…and I have no idea what Advocaat even tastes like so can’t even imagine it. What would you say it tastes like?

    I had no idea you had joined in with the Wonderful Wednesday good times – adding you to my list. Thank you so much for popping over and saying hello 🙂 xx

    • It’s creamy and frothy when mixed with lemonade, Ive never had it on its own. My friend says it kind of tastes like a cream soda, but I’ve never had that either to compare! It’s reaaaaally cheap in Aldi, so you should try it! It’ll be a new Christmas tradition!

      Thank you to you as well! Look forward to tomorrows list 🙂 xx