A New & Improved Festive To Do List


The past three years at university have meant that I associate Christmas with deadlines, late night library sessions and a great deal of stress. While I have improved on where I was this time last year (last year=zero essays started, this year = one finished and halfway through the second), I know that it’s still going to full of boring deadline filled pressures. When I head home I am straight back to work, however, this is the first Christmas in four years where I will not be working over the Christmas week (I finally get a lie in on Christmas day, rather than having to be at work for 7am!). This means I’ll be catching up with four years worth of Christmas shenanigans, which will definitely involve me being drunk on Snowballs and fizz over the entire Christmas holiday. With that being number one on my list of my priorities, here are some of the other plans I have…

  • Drink mulled wine at a Christmas market and possibly eat some churros too
  • Attend a Carol Service
  • Write out Christmas Cards whilst playing Bublé’s Christmas album full blast
  • Drink an endless about of Advocaat and Lemonade
  • Watch Elf, Love Actually and Miracle on 34th street with Dave in matching Christmas Jumpers
  • Purchase Christmas themed pyjamas and wear them on Christmas Day
  • Make home-made gifts
  • Drive around and hunt down Christmas lights
  • Make a dairy-free hot chocolate
  • Go for a Christmas/Boxing Day walk (depending on how drunk I am)

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