Wonderful Wednesday #10


The most wonderful part about wonderful wednesday is that it’s not until you sit down and begin to type, that you realise you have a big long list of wonderfulness to talk about. This week has been relatively slow and boring, no life changing experiences or exciting events. However I do have a few key moments that has got me through  this week and if it wasn’t for this little feature, I probably would have forgotten all about them..

New Recipe Index 

I plan on writing a whole long post on the subject of procrastination, as it has been something I have been doing a lot. I have been furiously avoiding my essay, mainly because it is so god damn boring and as a result, I have been focusing my attention to other things that I probably shouldn’t be doing. One of those things was creating a new recipe index for my blog, something that took me months to figure out and I almost called defeat on the whole project. There was nothing  wrong with my previous index, but I just wanted something a little bit more visually appealing. Alas, after one very late night/early morning play around with WordPress plug ins I figured it out! To see my brand spanking new shiny recipe index click here.

Words with Friends 

As you may know, me and my boyfriend are in a long distance relationship as I am away at university. Over the years we have come up with little techniques on how to survive the distance and one of them is playing silly games on our phones. Quiz Up and Draw Something have both been popular and the newest addition is Words with Friends. The other night when we were facetiming, we were both playing and became slightly too competiative (I ended up winning the first round, he is currently winning the second) however its such a perfect way to pass the time without actually being together.


My newest food fad. When I was in London I tried some Mochi for the very first time and became obessesed. In case you don’t know, Mochi is a Japanese sweet made up of ground down rice. The easiest way to describe it is kind of like a cross between turkish delight and marshmallow and they come in a variety of flavours (I’d reccomend red bean paste and black sesame seed!). Lucikly I live with a girl from Japan and another girl who is obessed with Japan, who told me where the Asian supermarket was so I could buy some. Three packets later, I have no regrets.

Chance Encounters 

The other morning I was running late to an event I agreed to go to and half way to the bus stop I realised that I had left my bus pass on my bed. Running back to get it, I knew I had missed my bus so I had to wait for the next one meaning, I was going to be super late. As I was sitting there, a girl who recognised me from university smiled at me and asked where she’d seen me before. Turns out she was a part of a facebook group I admined last year and we got chatting. She was so lovely and we actually had a meaningful conversation as opposed to just small talk. It turns out as well, the event I was late too was running late too and I was just on time to see the start. Funny how things work out!


The event I mentioned above was called ThinkNation and involves a whole bunch of speakers, talking about different topics within science and technology. One of the speakers featured was a poet called Dan Simpson and while poetry has never been my thing, after hearing him speak I have been inspired to learn and read more poetry. If anyone has any great poems, please let me know!

These ‘Wonderful Wednesdays’ you have seen scattered all over the bloggersphere have been inspired by the lovely Sally Tangle. If you want to read more then check out Jo, Helen,Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, ElKerri and Carina’s blogs and let us keep this cycle of happiness and good intentions spinning!

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