Wonderful Wednesday #12

Today’s Wonderful Wednesday will be short and sweet, as this past week has been a whirlwind of work and cramming in as many festive to do’s as possible. Last Tuesday evening, I arrived back in Devon, after nearly two months away and as I am a poor student desperately in need of money, I volunteered to jump straight back into working every day, between now and Christmas Eve. If I’d have been clever, I would have given myself a day to settle in, unpack, spend time with my mum and David and catch up with Christmas. Of course, that didn’t happen so the last seven days have been non-stop. Despite the hecticness, there has been plenty of Wonderful, so while I multi-task between typing this and eating my breakfast, I’ll just hurry up so I don’t miss my bus!

Coming Home 

I can’t not start this week’s wonderful without reference to my return home from uni. Despite the moany intro to this weeks post, coming home has been great and it’s been so lovely to be reunited with the boyfriend, mother and my two cats. True to form, mum decorated the house like Santa’s grotto and went all out this year by buying a real Christmas tree. While I have spent the majority of the time at work dealing with grumpy customers (they aren’t all bad but c’mon general public don’t be so miserable!), it’s been wonderful to come back home that’s filled with twinkly lights and all the festive furnishings you could possibly imagine.

Wrapping  Presents (Sort of)

As I am a perfectionist, wrapping presents isn’t something a particularly enjoy all that much. It doesn’t help that my mums a pro and can make a wrapped present look like a work of art. I’m with the majority of people when it comes to wrapping presents,  if it isn’t boxed shaped – there is no hope. Luckily, one evening this week, me and David decided to just wrap up the presents we already had, as opposed to doing it all in one sitting. Boy oh boy, I am glad we did. Knowing how many presents we have since bought (which are getting wrapped tonight btw!) Im so happy that the pile is slightly reduced and the task now, doesn’t seem so daunting!

Late Night Shopping 

Being at university on the other side of the country means that I either have buy all of my presents online and get them delivered to my home address in the hopes my mum doesn’t accidently open one, or do last minute Christmas shopping as I can’t exactly drag all the presents along with me over 4 train journeys (yeees it really does take me 4 trains to get home!). Luckily they invented late night shopping for us working boys and gals and on Thursday me and David were on a mission to get everything we needed too. We didn’t end up getting everything we wanted, as we were too busy eating pizza and churros… but in our defence, they were the tastiest churros possibly on the planet.

Seeing an Old Teacher 

On Monday one of my old teachers from secondary school came into where I worked, which was a complete blast from the past. I felt so honoured he remembered me and we had a good ole catch up of what we’d been up to since we last saw each other over 6 years ago (still feel like an 18-year-old, so that’s slightly scary to say!). Work was pretty slow that day so it really brightened up my morning!

These ‘Wonderful Wednesdays’ you have seen scattered all over the bloggersphere have been inspired by the lovely Sally Tangle. If you want to read more then check out Jo, Helen,Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, ElKerri and Carina’s blogs and let us keep this cycle of happiness and good intentions spinning!

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