2016 Life Lessons

Around this time of year, goals, resolutions and aims are in abundance and while I plan on sharing my hopes for 2017, I thought it’d be useful to first look back at everything I have learnt, this past year. We are so focused on the next target to hit and what can be ticked off of the list next, that we often get lost and forget how far we have grown as a person, how much we have learnt and what not to do next time round. Mistakes get made by everybody and while failures may not be what we want to share to the world, it is important that we remind ourselves that we are only human after all. 

Here are some of the lessons I have learnt in the past 12 months:

  1. If there is an easy answer to the world’s troubles, you’re not thinking critically enough
  2. Know when you don’t know something and hold your tongue before voicing your opinion
  3. Take each day as it comes, feelings change on a daily basis, you may feel differently tomorrow
  4. The best way to prevent spots: cleanse twice a day (or at least wash your face with a flannel), always use a fresh face cloth when washing your face and stop touching your face with your fingers!
  5. Just because it looks good on paper, does not mean it is
  6. Likewise, don’t be intimidated by a person’s experience – they can still be an idiot
  7. Intelligence comes in all shapes and sizes
  8. No-one has a clue what is going on, we all ‘adult’ in different ways, but most of the time people are just winging it
  9. There is a lot of hate in this world, so much it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and helpless. On days when you feel like this, remember to keep going and strive to make the world a better place
  10. When you are a conflict with someone, remember that they believe they are right, just as much as you believe you are. Try to meet them halfway
  11. 5 minutes of doing something, is better than 5 minutes of doing nothing
  12. There is a lot about the world that you are yet to discover so learn as much as you can, when you can.

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