2017 || My Hopes for the Next 12 Months

2017 is going to be that coming of age year, yano, the one that most American teen movies are based on. It both excites me and terrifies me in equal measure, because in the last six months of the year I will be stepping into unknown territory, where I can’t picture, nor predict what my life will look like.

After four long years at University, July 2017 is when I finally graduate. Graduating, finding an entry level job and moving in with my boyfriend are three big life events that will hopefully make 2017 the year where everything comes together. I am not expecting it to be easy, in fact, I am expecting it to be bloody difficult, but as it has been something that I have been longing for, for such a long time – I am so pleased that this is the year it finally happens.

I wanted to share, perhaps naively, what my hopes are for the next 12 months. Life has a funny way of leading us in directions that at the time, would seem improbable, yet despite knowing this, it feels alien to me to not have some kind of plan or direction. Broken into quarters, here are my hopes for the upcoming year:

January – March 

The next three months are all about buckling down with university, tackling my assignments and trying to research as many graduate roles as I possibly can. It will be my last 12 weeks of academic learning, so I want to really appreciate this time, making the most of the opportunities that university offers,  as well as making sure I take advantage of all the benefits of living in Canterbury as well. This includes more day-trips to London, more time spent with university friends as well exploring all that Canterbury has to offer.

April – June 

These three months are going to be critical. Studying for exams, applying for job roles and researching places to live, this is where the real world begins. I predict that this will be an extremely stressful time, so I need to make sure I am well organised and have things under control in the run-up to exams, easier said than done, I’m sure!

To break this all up, David and I have booked a visit Poland for a couple of days for our friends wedding. It will be a flying visit, much to my disappointment, due to the need to revise for exams and save money. Having three of my best friends from Poland has made me yearn to visit, so David has promised we can go back maybe the following year for a longer stay, so we can explore more of Poland without having to rush.

July – September 

I finally graduate!! After saying I didn’t want to attend my own graduation, my family have rightly told me that I don’t have a choice. Luckily, all my friends graduated last year so I am now equipped with the best way to tackle the day and I am sure it will be a highly emotional end, to a very long, stressful but fulfilling journey.

I also hope that these three months will be spent beginning my graduate role as well as moving in with David, something that we have been patiently waiting for, for the past four years. It is scary to think about where we will be living, but I am beyond excited to finally have a place where we can call home.

October -December 

The last three months of the year, are the most difficult to predict. I hope that I am in a good job, David and I have moved into our own place and if that is the case, to get our own pet. I have my heart set on either a Dachshund or a Cockapoo, but I think adopting a cat would be a nice place to start.

I also love the idea of spending our first Christmas together in our own home. My house has always been a Santas Grotto of sorts and if we are living in our own place I plan on going nuts with all the Christmas decorations, with a real tree and a little festive outfit for our pet.

2017 is sure going to be a whirlwind of a year, so while I am eager to know what you have planned, I want to just sit back and go with it – nothing turns out how you expect and I’m okay with that. 

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  • This is such an exciting year for you Lynsey! I wish you all the best with it. It is definitely excellent having a plan – I feel quite lacking in that area haha. But I think if you have even the slightest inkling of what direction you want to go, no matter what, you will get there in the end 🙂

    xx Carina

    • Thank you so much! Ahh you’ll figure it out. Remember this time next year we will have our shit together! 😛 xx

  • I love how hoeful you are for 2017! I don’t think havng hope is ever naive, it’s hopeful people that stop the world from seeing completely terrible! Best of luck with all the things you hope to achieve this year! I remember my last year at uni was emotionally one of the most confusing but amazing years of my life! Stephie xx


    • Thank you! Im hoping that my last year will be a smooth process, either way its a life lesson! xx

  • I’m sure you’ll have a great year. It sounds very exciting at least. I’m also graduating from uni in July hopefully, but I’m not at all excited about it. I love the college experience I’ve had and I wish I was a freshman again. Hopefully I will be getting a masters after this, which will mean I’m not done yet. Good luck to you. Love, Eline | http://www.elinesreturnticket.blogspot.com