Sunday Round Up #11

With what started as a week filled with a motivational buzz for what is in store for the next 12 months, it has ended up filled with essay writing, and not a lot else. I suppose it is my fault for kidding myself into thinking I could start this assignment over the festive period, when in reality I only started it 5 days ago. With a due date tomorrow, Im looking forward to getting my life back to a normal schedule and foregoing these late night/early morning study sessions that have me procrastinating Sunday Round Up posts at 3am. (warning, this post *may* contain Greys Anatomy spoilers!)

Watching: Greys Anatomy, which the boyf is also now obsessed with after watching just one episode. Said boyf got mad after I continued to watch it while he was at work, even though I have been watching it for 8 bloody seasons. That boy just gon’ have to catch up as they ain’t no way I’m waiting for him to find out what happened after the plane crash! #spoileralert

Reading: The Man Who Couldn’t Stop: The Truth About OCD, David Adam. A book recommended by my best friend, who suffers from anxiety. While I don’t suffer from a mental illness such as OCD, in the past I have undergone CBT for OCD-type symptoms and this is a book for anyone who wants to learn more about their illness or understand anyone they know that may suffer from OCD. Part memoir, part scienc-y/stats-y, the goal of the author is to make sure those who suffer with a mental illness, know that they aren’t alone.

Blogging: Finding Magic in the Mundane and Please Stop Telling Me To Be Stong – Bianca Bass, Adulting; Are You Doing It Wrong? – Love From Berlin, Goodbye 2016 – A Rosie Outlook,

Listening: Corrine Bailey Rae. For the past few days I have had a mini panic over the sheer amount of work I have left to the last minute, so I’ve been listening to the calming songs of Corrine Bailey Rae to get me to that zen like place, where panic and last minute essays don’t matter (yeah, it didn’t really work, but her songs are very relaxing)

Cooking: Spanish Chickpea & Spinach Stew & Vegan Shepherds Pie, both of which were delicious and will make a feature again, on my meal rotation!

Baking: Raw Chocolate Orange Brownies & Almond and Baobab Energy Bites – for when you still want something sweet but you promised this year will be the year when you cut back on the crap. 

Visiting: Err does my bed count? Sadly, this past wek I have been cooped up in my room, caught between studying about the impacts of feminism on domestic violence and watching Greys Anatomy. I am probably severely lacking in Vitamin D, due to lack of sunlight but the student life will be over in the next 6 months – horrahh!

Best moments of the week: Welcoming the new year, breakfast in bed, cuddles from the cat and binge watching Greys Anatomy.

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