A Winter Walk, Valley of the Rocks Devon

The beautiful thing about living so close to the sea, is that there are miles and miles of coastline to explore. While I may be spoilt for choice, Valley of the Rocks, situated in Lynton, 20 miles north of my hometown, is one of my favourite places to visit.

On a cold, grey, January day, I wanted an adventure. It was the last day me and David were going to share for a little while, so I decided that despite the cold, we were going to make the most of it. Wrapped up from our heads to our toes, we braved the fierce winds and bitter chill that clung to the air and walked along the coastal path, admiring the view.

Long in the distance, a lot further down the coastal path than we were prepared to walk, we could see people in the distance, but apart from that, we seemed to have the place to ourselves. Apart from the goats. There were lots of goats, dangerously perched on the edge of cliffs, in search of food. This was the day I decided that goats were one of my favourite animals.

We carefully scrambled to the top of one of the rocks, moaning the whole way. While we were breathless, desperately cold and succumbing to tiredness, we paused for a second, silent, and took in the view.

With a vast and endless landscape, the frozen noses, fingers and achy feet were undoubtedly worth it.

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