24th February 2017

Lemon Bars (Vegan)

With spring around the corner and the sunshine making its way into our lives once again, I have been craving new seasonal flavours. Winter, to me, is full of all things chocolate-y as well as warm, hearty puddings, such as sticky toffee puddings and apple crumbles.

Warmer months, on the other hand, is full of fresh flavours; berries, exotic fruits and citrus. While it may be far too early to be cooking with strawberries and raspberries, I have been craving something sweet, yet tart, and these lemon bars are perfect when you want a change from your typical chocolate-y desserts.

These bars are sticky, tart and lemon-y, a perfect after dinner treat when you want something light and refreshing. The recipe uses soy yolks, but once you have made that element, it’s incredibly simple to put together. The base comes together quickly, as does the lemon-y topping. Feel free to double to quantity and use a larger baking tin. 

Ingredients for the base:

Ingredients for the topping:


  1. Preheat the oven to 170oc and line a 20cm square tin with baking paper 
  2. Combine the ingredients for the dough together in a food processor until it forms a loose dough. Using your hands, bring the dough together until uniform (it will be sticky!). Alternatively, mix all the ingredients together using a whisk (butter + sugar, then add the flour) 
  3. Press down, evenly, into the tin (you may need to use a spatula) and bake in the oven for 20 minutes
  4. Meanwhile, combine the ingredients for the topping together, whisking until smooth
  5. Once the base has cooked, add the topping and bake for another 25 minutes
  6. Leave to cool completely, then chill in the fridge for a couple of hours before slicing into bars.