Snapshots || WINTER



In the past, I have shared my photos monthly, for my benefit alone, in order to have somewhere where I can look back on past memories, times, and places I may have forgotten if otherwise not documented.

Rather than doing this every month, I have decided to collect my memories in seasons instead, which is much more compatible with my way of looking at the world.

While I love Christmas, winter is my least favourite of all the seasons; the endless dark nights, cold weather and lack of sunlight has had me itching for spring and all the freshness that it provides. Luckily, this winter season has had me out and about more that I have done in previous years, for I have been determined to explore Devon while I still have the opportunity to do so (who knows where I’ll be once I graduate!?).

This spring is going to be the most crucial time of the year for me, with coursework, exams and graduate job hunting all occurring, simultaneously. I’m looking forward to swapping the grey clouds for blue skies and the bare trees for greenery and flowers, so I just hope I get to appreciate the nature changing around me, in amongst everything that is changing for me.

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