Sunday Round Up #17

This week has been a bit all over the place, juggling one thing from another (how on earth do so many people do it!?),  so while I try and multi-task writing this blog post, Ima keep this intro short and sweet for the sake of my sanity!


I am currently halfway through The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin, a book that tells two stories in one. One story is about the psychiatrist Dr Anderson, who specialises in reincarnation, but has recently been diagnosed with the illness aphasia, resulting in his fear of not being able to finish his research in time to be published. The second story is about a four-year-old boy, Noah, who tells stories of another life, much to his mother’s confusion. The two characters cross paths in order to solve the mystery of Noahs tales. This book is extremely easy to read, well-written and has an interesting plot. I haven’t quite finished but I am really enjoying picking it up and learning more about reincarnation.



It has taken me a while to see, but last weekend me and David watched The Theory of Everything. I found it incredibly moving, especially Dr Hawkins’ speech at the end, and I was astounded by Eddie Redmayne’s performance. If you’re like me and you’re late to the party, watch it ASAP.  Its funny, sad, heart-warming and charming, all at the same time.

Best moments of the week: 

Early morning cafe outings with David, testing out my new camera lens, drunken nights with my favourite people and meeting Michelle and Kate from the Wonderful Wednesday gang!


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