Wonderful Wednesday #20

After what was a hectic week of balancing work/uni/my life, I may have thought *sod it* when attempting to write last weeks Wonderful Wednesday. As a result, this post is going to be chockablock with the wonderful things that have been happening over the past two weeks, all of which are making me feel all warm and giddy inside, now I am looking back over them.


Ahh yes, two weeks ago I returned back to the glorious Devon for my reading week. While it was all kinds of crazy as I had to balance going back to work, writing an essay and catching up with everyone, it was still joyous to be back home with David and my cats, surrounded by all my home comforts.

Meeting Kate & Michelle (aka The Wonderful Wednesday Gang!) 

Devon is the home of some great gals yano. On Saturday me, Kate and Michelle met up in Exeter where we spent the best part of the morning chatting away and getting to know each other, over hot beverages in Boston Tea Party. It was my first blogger meet-up so it was insane, to me, that people exist IRL behind their blogs and they were both as lovely as you would expect. I suspect many more Devon adventures, on the cards soon!

Signs of Spring 

Yes, yes, yes, you’re probably tired of hearing this as everyone seems to be harping on about it, but SPRING IS COMING GUYS. The extra bit of light at the end of the day, the slightly warmer temperatures and the budding flowers? Ahh, it makes your heart sing. OH and the other day when me and David were driving through the vast Devon countryside, we saw lambs. LAMBS PEOPLE.

Large Mugs of Peppermint Tea 

Peppermint tea has always been a staple in my life, but since being back in my homeland of Devon where in my house, the largest mug exists EVER, I have been drinking gallons of the stuff. Yano how they say your body is made up 60% water? I think I was edging more towards 60% peppermint tea. I wanted to bring my large mug back to uni with me (trust me guys, its huge) but I had an irrational fear that it would somehow break in the journey back to Kent and I wouldn’t be able to find a mug as big again (oh my lord that is tragic). 

My Dad Wrote a Porno  

Reccomended by the spectacular Michelle, this podcast (about someones dad who has written an erotic book) has had me in stitches. It is eyewatering-ly funny and it will make you cackle out loud on public transport (true story). Would not recommend you listen to it if you are in the quiet coach on the train, or anywhere where it is inappropriate for you to be laughing your head off.

These ‘Wonderful Wednesdays’ you have seen scattered all over the bloggersphere have been inspired by the lovely Sally Tangle.  If you want to read more then check out Jo,  Michelle, Kate, Cat, Sam, El, and Kerri‘ blogs and let us keep this cycle of happiness and good intentions spinning!

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