Nostalgia Paired with Hints of Wanderlust..


Ever since the beginning of March, with the sun showing signs that it will soon become a constant in our lives again, I have been feeling such strong feelings of nostalgia and wanderlust. It is such a bittersweet emotion; memories of what has been and what could be. It makes me want to rewind to the past and fast forward to the future.

I enjoy the feeling, despite it resulting in me not being 100% in the present. My thoughts are always away, remembering the feelings of last year when the sun was shining, while, at the same time, eager to start making memories for this summer.

I have tried to conceptualise these feelings that are making me appreciate life right now, just in case I forget them. Ater all, romanticising memories makes your approach to the world a lot nicer…

  • The early morning sun making me feel energised and motivated to start the day
  • The wanderlust I feel whenever I see a plane flying above my head, knowing I’ll be on one soon.
  • Dusk – swirls of blue and pink dancing together to create artwork in the sky.
  • The way the sun creates beauty in colour; through nature, animals and people.
  • Excitable thoughts of everything that is on our list, the many cafes I planned to visit, day trips to seaside towns. BBQ’s, forest walks, cocktails, making pizza together alongside lemonade and perhaps jam too.
  • Hazy summer days with music blaring on portable speakers

As you read this, make a promise to yourself that you’ll take some time out of your day to daydream.

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