Remember Why You Started


Despite being at university now for nearly four years, and having had some incredible opportunities, it’s no secret that I despise university life. Coursework is the devils work, partying all weekend is really not my style, I have had to maintain a long-distance relationship (which is bloody hard) and I haven’t had the best of luck with housemates in the entire time I have been here (why is everyone so god-damn messy!?)

That being said, as I am in my final term of my final year, I need to persevere, maintain the pace, and remember why I am here in the first place.

Only by picking myself up, and dusting myself off can I survive this crazy time of my life (and trust me it’s about to get hella crazy with coursework and exams coming out of my ears) and hopefully when I have finally landed a ‘dream’ job (whatever that may be) I’ll look back and say it was worth all the stresses and drama it caused.

When you have to carry on with something that you don’t particularity enjoy, grin, bear it, and remember why you started in the first place.

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