Wonderful Wednesday #22

A quicky, but a goodie this week as David has come down to visit. Rather than go all long winded and waste time writing this, Ima just jump straight in so I can spend more time with the boyf.

Productive Mornings 

Following on from my reduction of screen time, that I mentioned last week, my body has gotten into the habit of early mornings. YAY for me, as much more is getting done in a day and I am feeling like a full on boss of an adult.


On Friday night, when I should have been doing my essay, I went into full on binge mode on HTGAWM. I am now, all up to date and I finally have some much-needed answers on who started the fire and who killed Wes. If you have no idea what I am on about, go away, start watching HTGAWM and come back to me.

Crazy, Stupid Love 

Ryan Gosling shirtless. I needn’t say more.

Homemade Granola Bars 

I made these granola bars from the Minimalist Baker and they are so god-damn tasty. They have the perfect combination of crunch and flavour, so they have been my go-to snack for the past few days. Make them. Now

David Visiting 

YAY. Boyfriend arrived yesterday to visit me for a few days and we have lots of adventures planned. Tomorrow we are going up to London for the day and Friday we are heading down to Brighton. I can’t wait to get out and about and have a bit of a rest from boring essays and job hunting!

These ‘Wonderful Wednesdays’ you have seen scattered all over the bloggersphere have been inspired by the lovely Sally Tangle.  If you want to read more then check out Jo,  Michelle, Kate, Cat, Sam, El, and Kerri‘s blogs and let us keep this cycle of happiness and good intentions spinning!

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