Snapshots || Brighton

Brighton has been on my ‘must visit’ list for a while now, after hearing such wonderful things, so now I have been, I can understand the hype. Luckily, the day I visited was glorious. Being a Saturday and having clear blue skies meant that the place was full to the brim, amazingly so, considering it was only April (my word, I’d hate to see it on a day in August!).

Arriving at lunch time, me and my friend walked around the city to decide where to eat. Being a vegetarian with a dairy intolerance was no problem, with so many eateries offering veggie and vegan options. In the end, we ate a small Japenese restaurant called Shogun Ramen, that served the biggest portion of Katsu curry I have ever had, for a ridiculously low price.

After filling our bellies, we headed to the sea-front, starting at the i360 and making our way down to the pier. The beach was packed, and there was so many things to see; cute little huts, people skateboarding, restaurants and bars, I even saw an absolutely amazing woman with the brightest purple hair, hula-hooping with two hoops and rollerskating.

Once we arrived at the pier, I soon declared it the happiest place on earth. With the smell of doughnuts in the air,  funky fair rides, and cheesy music blasting, I was in my element. I didn’t want to leave, so we spent a lot of time here, soaking in the atmosphere and taking advantage of the glorious weather.

Needing to catch my train, we made a slow walk back to the station, wandering through the lanes and stopping off at a cutesie little bakery to grab something sweet for the journey home. Brighton, you’ve stolen my heart and I can not wait to visit you again.

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