22nd May 2017

My Upcoming Travel Plans

With university over, FOUR WHOLE YEARS COMPLETED BABY, and a holiday planned to celebrate finishing uni with my sanity still in tact (just about), I thought I would put together a list of my upcoming travel plans. This list includes the ones that are booked, but also the ones that are in the pipeline, dependent on, you know, finding a job or winning the lottery. A girl can dream… 


Tomorrow, David and I are jetting off to Munich to begin a week’s worth of exploring the Bavarian and Austrian landscape. Starting in Munich, the plan involves driving around Bavria for four days, stopping off at the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and gorgeous towns such as Oberammergau, Schloss Linderhof and Memmingen. Afterwards, we plan on crossing the border over to Austria to explore the famous lakes and mountain towns such as Halstaat and Salzburg. Its going to be a fantastic adventure, filled to the brim with fantastic scenery and all.the.food!

Gdansk, Poland 

After recently returning from a Polish wedding, I am itching to head back to see more of the country. I unfortunately didn’t get to see much when I was there, only staying for the two day, vodka-fuelled, wedding, so I plan on returning to have more of an explore. Krakov and Warsaw are both places that I would love to visit, but with super cheap flights and friends in Gdansk, I plan on heading to this small little city in November to drink more vodka and eat tons of Perogi.

Reykjavik, Iceland 

For Davids birthday I plan on treating him to a trip to Iceland to marval at Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle and hopefully even catch a glimpse of the Northen Lights. Reykjavik is a notoriusly expensive city, but after seeing some very cheap flights in Januray 2017, I am sure I can make it work!

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

In April 2018, me and David are jetting off on a luxery 11 night, all inclusive holiday, to watch two friends get married. Mexico is not a destination that I would pick for myself, personally, however lots of people that I’ve spoken to, who have been, have gushed over how fabulous it is. With a luxery hotel and plenty of excursions planned, its going to be a real treat.


Japan, is currently my DREAM destination, a country that I am willing to visit at any cost. Unfornuately, it is very costly, so is more of a pipe-dream that reality, but September 2018 is my goal. With amazing food, gorgeous landscapes and a culture that is so fascinating, I plan on spending two-weeks explore this beautiful county. Toyko, Oska and Kyoto are musts, but if anyone has been and has any recomendations, then do tell – I have plenty of time to plan!

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