May Round Up

Holy moly we are half-way through the year already. How has *that* happened? For me, May has been an incredible month, with flying to Poland, completing university and driving around Germany and Austria making it super busy but so exciting.

Due to how busy it has been I haven’t caught up with as much as I would like, so during June, I am looking forward to relaxing a bit more and getting back into reading, blogging and baking.

Anywho, here is everything that I have been watching, reading and listening to during May.


OJ Simpson vs The People: Now available on Netflix, this series was extremely popular last year, and rightly so. It follows the trial of OJ Simpson, an American Football player who in the early 1990’s was accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her boyfriend Ron Goldman. Deemed the ‘trial of the century’,  this show re-creates the trial in accurate detail and brings to light the stories of other characters involved. There are only 10 episodes, and due to how addictive it is you can get through it quite quickly. Well worth a watch to have a better understanding of OJ and what led to him becoming acquitted.

Law and Order SVU: I’ve been catching up on the latest season of SVU, a long-running detective show that focuses on victims of sexual and domestic abuse. It’s extremely easy to watch, there is no major underlying storyline that runs through the entire show, so you can dip in an out. Plus Olivia Benson is a badass lady who is my absolute hero. Worth a watch if you love anything to do with crime!

Prison Break: When they announced that Prison Break is coming back I thought to myself, how on earth are they going to bring Michael back?! But they did, and they’ve managed to pull it off quite well. Now the latest season is nowhere near as good as the first couple of seasons, plus sometimes the storyline can be a bit obvious, *but* if you can get past that, it’s a nice reminiscent watch of one of the best series that has been on TV.



Wine and Crime: Wine and Crime has become one of my favourite podcasts to listen to lately. It’s a comedy crime podcast, where three friends talk about different topics of crime each week, whilst getting drunk. Topics include Necrophilia, Killer Kids and Peeping Toms, and as they go into disturbing detail, it’s not for the faint-hearted. The cases they do mention, however, are extremely interesting, and they put a funny, very dark spin on them. If you have a warped sense of humour, you’ll love this podcast.


Polish wedding, finishing exams, a holiday to Germany and moving back home.


No more university, relaxing with friends, getting back into hobbies and hopefully finding a new job.

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