July Round Up

July has been a funny old month; bittersweet in many ways and insanely busy. Time off was rare, and days off were spent on spontaneous trips to London and exploring the seaside. July saw many an ice-cream eaten, and perhaps too little vegetables (I’ll make sure to work on that in August).

I graduated (yay!), had surgery (boo!) and rejected a job that turned out not to be the best fit for me. Again, bitter-sweet but I have been told countless times that everything will work itself out, so I’m entering August with that mentality.

In amongst the crazy, I’ve consumed a hell of a lot of great box sets and binge read even better blog posts. So here is everything that I have watched/read and listened to this July.


House of Cards: The latest season of House of Cards recently returned on Netflix, so I’ve spent most of July catching up with the political dramas of the Underwoods. Think Scandal but far more moody.

Game of Thrones: Oh boy, have we waited a long time for the return of GoT and so far, it’s been worth the wait. I don’t need to tell you how bloody amazing this show is, everyone and their bloody cat has heard about it! Dragons, politics, wars and Jon Snow. Enough said.



At Home With: A great female empowering podcast by YouTubers and bloggers Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton who go into the homes of extraordinary women in different fields and have a chat. Guests include Kate from Kate La Vie, Zoe Sugg and Madeline Shaw. Empowering, relatable and an easy listen.

Don’t Salt My Game: Another chatty-interviewy podcast that centers around my favourite thing; food! I’ve only listened to the first episode as it stars Izy Hossack from the amazing Top with Cinnamon, but I look forward to listening to some more interviews from like-minded foodies!


Visiting London, graduating, exploring Devon, the return of Game of Thrones and spending time in the sunshine with friends.


Afternoon teas, working more on the blog, planning for the future, exploring more of Devon and my birthday!

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