June Round Up

Oh June. A month filled with freedom. Since the start of the year, I’ve been longing to get to June as I would finally finish university and I’d be free of coursework, revision and messy housemates. Therefore, in June I moved back home, started a new part time job, got my university results and potentially landed a graduate role. I was able to catch up with friends, do boring life admin and watch a whole load of telly. So here is everything I’ve been watching/reading and listening to this month.


Orange is the New Black: Late to the party on this one, but me and the boyfriend were in need of a new series to sink our teeth into. It’s a Netflix Original and is set in a female prison. It’s explicit, has an interesting storyline and often funny. I’m looking forward to catching up to the latest series – its meant to be amazing!

The Walking Dead: *SPOILER ALERT* This show, for me, is enjoyable but often gets forgotten about behind all the other tv shows I’m currently watching.  If you enjoy apocalyptic movies, this is the show for you; there is a lot of gore. The latest season started off explosive (RIP GLEN), but has slowed down as we reach the end. I’m hoping the last couple of episodes pick up the pace a bit!

Other: This month I’ve also been catching up with Law & Order, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and Modern Family. 



My Dad Wrote a Porno: Season three started again recently and is so. so funny. If you haven’t listened to this podcast yet, you are missing out. Three friends, one of which has a dad who has written an explicit porno book, read a chapter out loud every week and completely rip it to shreds. Its cringe-worthy, but laugh-out-loud-on-public-transport funny #truestory. If you are a secret #Belinker too, let me know!


Moving back home, finally earning money again, getting a 2:1 at university and sunny weekends.


Graduating from university, looking for a new home for me and my boyfriend and potentially starting a new job?!

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  • You will LOVE OITNB – I wish I had them all to look forward to although I’m taking my time with the new season and trying not to binge on them. I’m also loving The Handmaid’s Tale – have you tried it? It’s ace!
    I’m also a Belinker, by the way. I adore it – Jamie doing the voice of Bella gets me every time.
    I’ve organised a surprise 40th birthday party for a mate on Sunday and a meal out in a French restaurant for Bastille Day (if we can’t be in Paris this year, I will settle for the next best thing, although I doubt we’ll get to see any fireworks). Good luck with the new job and house-hunting!

    • Oooh yes I’ve heard a lot about the Handmaids Tale, I think I’ll give that a go next. HAHA Bellla is hilarious. Have you heard yesterdays episode?! WOW it’s very explicit. Poor Jamie! 😛

      Aww thats lovely, thank you.

      Hopefully you can plan a trip for next year?! Have a lovely meal out on Sunday, hope your friend enjoys the surprise! xx

  • Laura Torninoja

    Good luck with the flat hunt – I hope you find something lovely! It can be so stressful at times but SO worth it in the end when you get your own little space you can call home (and start decorating haha) xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • I really couldn’t get on with the latest season of OITNB :/ But I’m loving the handmaid’s tale at the moment! Also flat hunting is stressful – good luck! 🙂


    • I have heard mixed things but I am enjoying season 1 so far! I really do need to add the handmaids tale to my watch list next! xx