A Visit to Powderham Castle, Devon

After hearing about Powderham Castle from the lovely Michelle, I have been keen to explore the grounds in the hopes of seeing some deer. Located just outside of Exeter, Powderham Castle is set in the middle of some beautiful grounds where hundreds of deer can be found wandering around. Luckily, we picked a gorgeous day to explore and while I didn’t get up close and personal with any deer (someone may have stood on something that made a loud rustle and scared them away), there was plenty to do and explore to make for a wonderfully peaceful and relaxing day out.

You have to pay to enter both the grounds and the castle, and as it was such gorgeous weather we opted to just wander around the outside.

But first, food.

Arriving just a little after lunch time, our first port of call was the farmers-style supermarket at the top, where you park your car. Here you can find fresh produce and locally made food, with plenty of samples to try.

There is also a restaurant where you can purchase meals, but we went for a bit of an al-fresco style pic ‘n’ mix and the best lemonade in the entire world.

After filling our bellies, we made our way down to the entrance of the castle, stopping to play pooh sticks and admiring the local wildlife.

Just after the bridge, you’ll see a little hutch where you can purchase your tickets. The lady was extremely helpful, giving us a quick history of the castle, the best places to go to sit and where we could best spot the deer. After paying we made our way to the front, mosied around the grounds and then made a beeline for the rose garden.

I felt like I had stepped into Alice in Wonderland, it was so pretty. 

After exploring the grounds, we had a quiet little snooze under a large tree, giving us the perfect amount of shade and peace as it was hidden away from the other visitors.

We could have stayed underneath the shade for a whole while longer and had a snooze, but after hearing of the petting farm, we were keen to make some new friends.

The chicken with the cool feather flares is called Pecky, and the people at Powderham rescued him, as he was, in their words, a bit of an oddball. He is now a firm favourite with both staff and visitors alike and he was the highlight of the day, strutting around and flirting with everyone.

While Pecky was the main attraction, Powderham has so many animals that are free to roam around and do as they please. Chickens, turkeys, pigs, donkeys, gerbils, ducks, lambs; it’s impossible not to fall in love with every single animal here. The staff are so enthusiastic and it was great to see families teaching their children about animals, showing them how to be respectful and compassionate.

After saying goodbye to our new friends, especially Pecky, we hot-tailed it to Dawlish, a quick 10-minute drive away, in search of sea air and ice-cream. A tale for another time.