Top 5 Things To Do in North Devon


As someone who is planning on leaving Devon very soon, on the hunt for a graduate position, the thought of leaving is making me appreciate Devon that much more. North Devon, while a popular tourist destination, often gets ignored and under-recognised when compared to the more popular South Devon, and of course the beautiful Cornwall, so I wanted to show North Devon off, and give it some well-deserved attention.

Every week throughout August I am going to be sharing the best that North Devon has to offer, and to kick things off here are the top 5 things to do in North Devon (that isn’t just going to the beach!).

Go for an evening coastal walk

North Devon is blessed with miles and miles of beautiful coastline, you are spoilt for choice! You can, of course, go for a coastal walk at any time of the day, and I would in fact recommend you do that in order to appreciate the scenery, but there is something so special about watching the sun dip slowly, beyond the horizon.

I will be sharing my top coastal walks soon, but as Greencliff (below) is only 5 minutes from my house, its a firm favourite for me.

Enjoy a cream tea (the Devon way!)

North Devon is full to the brim with cute little tea-rooms that serve the biggest scones with heapings of jam and clotted cream, for a fraction of the price that you’d get anywhere else. I’m yet to experience a bad cream tea here but I do have my favourites, another post I am eager to share with you!

Oh, and confused over cream then jam or jam then cream!? If you’re in Devon it’s vital you spread the cream on first and then top with jam (it makes the most sense surely?).

Get a Hockings

When in North Devon it is essential that you treat yourself to a Hockings ice-cream. A locals favourite, and something that we are incredibly proud of. Made in Appledore, Hockings has been a North Devon favourite since 1936. It is so popular due to how delightfully creamy it is, as it is churned with clotted cream and high quality ingredients.

You’ll find most Hockings vans at the local beaches, and they confuse tourists as most will only serve vanilla (its that good). Recently, they have started making flavours, and you can find the flavoured Hockings at Westward Ho!

Fun Fact: A North Devon dweller will only EVER compare ice-cream against a Hockings. Many times I have found myself saying oh its good, just not Hockings good. 

Discover a hidden gem

North Devon has tons of great beaches, but there are far more interesting places waiting to be discovered too. Below, is one of my absolute favourites; Bucks Mills. A small pebble beach, hidden away in the cliffs, with a small waterfall and plenty of rockpools to search for wildlife.

If ever visiting, I’d recommend sniffing out a hidden gem as well as going to the beach, you’ll appreciate Devon and all its worth so much more.

Have dinner with a view

My final top thing to do in North Devon, is one of my favourite ways to spend an evening and is another local secret. In Brauton there is an brilliant chip shop called Squires. Sometimes, me and the boyfriend will treat ourselves to chip-shop-chips for dinner, drive a quick 10 minutes to Saunton Sands and park in the lay-by above the beach (the one that is just past the Saunton Sands Hotel).

We’re met with a stunning view of the ocean, that expands for miles. A perfect dinner in my eyes!

Look out for more of my posts on North Devon, I’ve got *lots* of local secrets to share!