18th September 2017

Stories of the Summer



Sunny days were rare this summer but when they did happen, I made sure to make the most of them.

Sunday fundays were a regular feature; oh the freedom that comes with no longer being a student and having a job that gives me Sundays off. I was tired by the end of a long week at work, but it just meant that I napped in the car on the way to our adventures.

We explored new places across Devon, both north and south. Some that are now firm favourites, but we made sure to throw in some familiar places too.

We had bonfires on the coast, watched sunsets and made friends with cows.

We ate ice cream. Lots of ice cream. With sticky fingers.

We visited castles, coastlines and watched hundreds of hot-air balloons fill the sky.

We had fun. A summer of easy-breezy, and that’s what I’ll always remember.

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