It’s a funny old life || A little catch up

Woah, mama. It has been a long time since I sat down and tip-tapped a blog post out. Since I forged a new life plan, a lot of changes have occurred in the past two months, meaning that there has not been much room left for any extra-curriculars. September and October have been a whirlwind two months, and while I’m still not quite there yet, I finally feel like I am catching my breath.

So… where to begin? 

On the 13th September, David and I moved in together. After four years of long distance, we finally found a place to call our home, a cosy, perfect little home that we’ve made our own. We didn’t hang about when moving in, and with the thrill and excitement of moving house, also comes a great deal of stress, work and responsibility. It wasn’t plain sailing for the first three weeks, one thing after another just kept going wrong, but by October things started to settle down and we finally got to enjoy living together for the first time.

I was fortunate enough that I had a great deal of stuff, left over from my uni days, all ready to bring to the new house, but moving out really does eat into savings by the time that deposits have been paid, first bills are due and furniture has been ordered. With savings decreasing, money worries began to increase and due to the unsteady nature of my job, I began to stress about being able to contribute to the house. After a couple of weeks of stress, worry and lack of sleep I finally got a job as a travel consultant at an independent travel agent, a job that I think I’d be perfect for.

But with a lot of stress, bad eating and lack of sleep, the inevitable happens. I got ill.  The day of my interview for the travel job, was actually when the symptoms first started and after a trip to the doctors, it turns out I had a viral infection in my head and a pretty nasty one at that. Vomiting, dizziness, sensitivity to light and stiff joints all resulted in some time off in bed – something I have never been good at.

Yet with plenty of forced bed rest, I was finally well enough to go back to work but the vomiting meant that the pill was no longer being effective and I came on my period earlier than I was meant to. No big deal, I thought, forgetting that I have Endometriosis and yeah, it is a big deal.

On Sunday I woke up with terrible stomach cramps, the worse I had ever experienced. Yet, after being used to terrible cramps my whole life, I knew the drill; paracetamol and a hot water bottle. The pain wasn’t easing, so I took some more painkillers and then some more but by the afternoon I was vomiting from the pain. Writhing around in bed, doubled over in pain – I gave David a fright, and he ordered me to go to A&E. Reluctant, I put it off until the pain got so bad I gave in. We arrived at 8pm Sunday evening and wasn’t seen until 10. By the time I had my results back it was midnight and the doctors told me that I had an infection in my body that meant I had to be admitted into general surgery. Chest ex-rays, more tests and medication followed, and by 3am I was given a bed. It was the most bizarre evening of my entire life.

I was in the hospital for two days and they found that I had ‘free-flowing liquid’ in my right ovary that was causing all the pain. A burst cyst, or endometriosis tissue. They weren’t sure. But with nothing they could do, they sent me on my way and told me to keep taking painkillers. Five days later I’m still suffering from the pain, and to top it off my weakened immune system has meant that I have caught a terrible cold. Life is a picnic sometimes. 

It has been a funny few weeks. You don’t think about getting ill until you are ill. It’s put a grinding halt to some of my ‘life plans’, but that’s just what happens sometimes.

And I’m learning to accept that.

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