A Wonderful November (and October too)

Yes yes yes,  I know. I did it again. I didn’t blog. There have been the odd posts scattered around, but it’s been such a long time since I purposely sat down to type something out, that I think I have *actually* forgotten how to do it.

I wanted to do something to acknowledge all the time spent away, but you’ll have to bear with me I’m afraid, as I iron out the kinks and dust away the cobwebs gathering on my laptop. Wonderful Wednesdays are one of my favourite ways to note down all of the lifes little moments, and while being ill has sucked, in amongst the days-in-bed-feeling-sorry-for-myself, there have been some truly wonderful nuggets of life that are worth remembering.

So yes, it isn’t a Wednesday, but consider this a backlog of a couple months worth of wonderful-ness, with normal service resuming on Wednesday (hopefully).

  1. Warm toasty mornings in bed. Socks tucked into pyjamas bottoms, heating on and snuggled like a warm toasty cinnamon bun. Oh yes, as we enter winter, that feeling of being wrapped up cosy in bed is pure bliss. 
  2. Orange Marmalade. Oh and this isn’t just any marmalade. This is M&S marmalade, as inspired by the Queen of all things Wonderful, Sally Tangle. After seeing her describe zesty marmalade spread on toast, I knew I had to get a hold of some for myself, and well. Boy, oh boy. Melted salted butter and thick cut tangy marmalade on toasted sourdough is just heavenly.
  3. Stretching. You know when you just manage to stretch that kink out in your legs, back, arms – wherever and everything just feels a little bit better. I’ve been trying to stretch things out a little bit more and while I normally just fall head first into bed due to exhaustion, I have been trying to make more of an effort to stretch out my poor, poor muscles.
  4. The rallying of friends & family. When you’re ill, the people who love you the most really rally around and for that, I am endlessly thankful. Being in the hospital gets you sympathy and the endless attention (and snacks), is possibly the only perk of it all.
  5. Watching people talk about what they are passionate about. Have you ever brought up a subject that you don’t consider to be that big of a deal, but then that person eyes just light up and they are just *so* excited to talk about it? I asked a friends husband where they got one of their houseplants from, and he got so happy to talk about his plants, his excitement was infectious. That is truly one of the most wonderful nuances of life.
  6. Fireworks. It was cold and I was miserable because I was ill, but when David dragged me out for fireworks night it was the pick me up that I *really*  needed. And I’ll always be grateful for him insisting we go and watch them.
  7. Christmas shopping. I finished all my shopping and wrapping in October, before Halloween. And now as I sit here on Dec 3rd, looking at all my wrapped presents, under the tree, I am annoyingly smug that I don’t have to worry about any of that stress. Mwahaha.
  8. New Job. At the start of November, I started my new job working for an independent travel agent and I love it. I am learning so much, using my brain and sending people off on their holidays. Its a perfect match for me and a welcome release after time spent selling bloody stamps at the Post Office.
  9. That smokey smell after the fireplace has gone out. Sure a fireplace in the winter time is nice when the fire makes the wood crack and spit, but the really good bit is after the fire has gone out and you are left with that smokey, ashy smell. Oooft.
  10. Feeling more like myself. While I’m not quite in the clear yet, I am really starting to feel more like myself. Having a chronic illness (I have endometriosis) is not only shit because *oww pain*, but because it limits your everyday life, the everyday bits that make you, you. I’m still battling with the exhaustion that comes with my condition but the good days, are really good days, and I’m welcoming feeling like my old self again.

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