Catch Up & 2018 Plans

I may have dropped off of the face of the internet earth again. Ooops. I could lie and say I have been super duper busy since Christmas yada-yada *yawn*…

But the truth is I really lost interest in this whole blogging lark. I just could not be bothered. Sometimes I’d get a sudden pang of motivation to bash out a lengthy post, but those moments always came when I was on a bus or about to go to work. Oh, but the times that you *do* have a bit of spare time? Yeaaah a Grey’s Anatomy marathon was far more appealing.

It wasn’t until I had some time over Christmas to really reflect on the past year and realise I really wasn’t happy with how I was living my life. I looked back at the last few months of 2017 and I didn’t recognise them. Don’t get me wrong there were some great moments thrown in there; I moved in with David, started a job that I love, adopted my adorable little Luna and visited Sweden with my mum, yet compared with the beginning part of the year I had far fewer memories, far fewer happy little moments.

My illness took over and it was easier to give in than to fight. It was easier to stay indoors, to say no to that social event and to sit around and watch tv then it was to actually get out, see friends and breath in fresh air.

So as I said goodbye to the past crappy few months of 2017, I also said goodbye to giving in to the exhaustion that comes with a chronic illness. It was stealing pieces of me, taking the bits of my life that I enjoy; country walks, baking, photography and blogging. Seeing friends, going for meals out and having cocktails.

So for 2018 I plan to do *all* of it. There is no cure for my condition, but I figure that it’s better to try and do what I can when I feel able to, then to let it steal any more of my identity away. Oh, and as a side point, I’m not going to feel guilty anymore if my body is stopping me from doing things. It’s not something I can help, and its not something I should apologise for. Nu-uh, not this ladyyyy.

So the ‘official’ to do list of 2018 (if and when I am able too):

  • Go to a comedy night
  • Visit the cinema more regularly and drink a tango ice-blast every single time
  • Take David to a gig and/or concert (he’s never been!)
  • Go visit my friend in Brighton
  • Spend a romantic weekend away to celebrate our five year anniversary (perhaps a lodge with a hot-tub?!)
  • Go to Poland/Mexico/Slovenia and New York
  • Pass my driving test
  • Have more dinner parties and sleepovers at my house. Basically, I want to host things.
  • Spend a weekend away, exploring a new city with my bestie
  • Eat more Japanese food
  • Go for more walks, explore more countryside and take pictures of everything and anything
  • Blog more, bake more and spend more time reading.

2018, I know you’re going to be a good’un. Dont let me down yeah?

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