25th January 2018

Where I’m going (and plan on going) in 2018

Now I work in as a travel agent, I am guilty of coming home every night and pestering David about a new country I want to go to. Apparently, we have plenty of time to see it all, and we don’t need to do it in one go – but I am endlessly impatient and want to do and see everything now. 

Unforutnatly my need to travel does not suit my bank balance, and for once I have to listen to David about not being able to ‘visit everywhere’. I love him but it pains me when he’s right. Luckily I have some amazing holidays already booked, but not content enough with that, I have plenty of other places that are on my list too…

What is booked

Gdansk, Poland 

Last year I visited Poland for a friends wedding and fell in love. It was a flying visit and was mostly spent hungover (man oh man, can the Polish drink!), so I vowed I’d return as soon as I could. Luckily, I have another Polish friend who has promised to show me around and let me try all the best Polish food.

I’ll actually be staying in Malbork, an hour outside of Gdansk, home to the most beautiful fairytale castle. One day will be spent in Gdansk and the third will perhaps be visiting the seaside town Sopot. Poland has so many great hidden treasures, I can’t wait to go and explore them!


This has been on the cards since November 2016, so its seems like forever ago since we booked it, but now I can’t quite believe it is less than 12 weeks away. Two of our friends are getting married in the most beautiful resort, and while it is not the kind of holiday I would usually opt for, I’m glad we have an excuse to ‘fly and flop’, as I would never have picked it for myself.

11 nights of cocktails, all you can eat food and white sandy beaches? Don’t mind if I do.

The Black Forest, Germany 

This was an absolute steal of a holiday. After our incredible road trip around Bavaria and Austria, I’ve wanted to go out and explore more lakes and mountains. Lake Bled has been on my hitlist for a while, but with Gatwick being the nearest airport that flies to Slovenia, which is 5 hours away, it would have been a bit of a faff for a weekend trip.

Instead, I found mega cheap flights to Basel from Bristol (£35 return!!), and as The Black Forest is just a hop over the Swiss border, we are going to hire a car and have an explore of the area. It’ll be October so the leaves will be turning the most magnificent colours, and,  if I can, I’ll try and squeeze in a day trip to Zurich.

Christmas in New York 

For my mums 60th, we both agreed we’d go to New York as its both at the top of our bucket lists. New York is a very popular destination at work, and the more I sell the more excited I get to go for myself! Mums desperate to see the Christmas windows and the ice-skating rink, while I can’t wait to stroll through Central Park, walk Brooklyn Bridge and eat all.the.food.

From now, until I visit, I will be swatting up on all the New York guides the internet has to offer, but if you know of any great restaurants/bakeries/eateries that I can’t miss, then let me know! (I love dessert, Japanese food and pizza FYI).

What isn’t booked (but I desperately wish it was)


Barcelona was never on my travel bucket list until I started working at the travel agents, but after hearing so many fabulous things, and sending people off on some incredible holidays, the idea of bathing in the Spanish sun and eating all the tapas is so appealing. Oofft yes I’m hoping I can squeeze in a little visit, but that may be wishful thinking.


Now, considering all the trips I already have planned, this one is extremely far-fetched but bear with me. One of the perks of my job is that ‘fam trips’ come around, which are educational trips that you go on that teach you about the tour operator, or destination. While they are work (I suppose they are like press releases), they are still incredible opportunities which I hope I get to experience. Fam trips are few and far between, but I have applied to go on a Canadian trip in May, so keep your fingers crossed for me!


Another trip that is far-fetched, but man do I want to go back to Rome. Rome was mine and Davids first holiday together, and we had such an incredible time. I was looking back at photos, reminiscing at all the amazing things we saw and the incredible food we tried. I’d walk there just so I could have some classic Italian pizza, pasta and gelato. Oh and the coffee. Just take me back please?

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