Keep It Interesting

Last week, whilst catching up with a friend over coffee, I met someone who changed my perspective towards life. A chance encounter, but then I suppose that’s what makes those moments so special.

It was a blustery day, the kind of day that makes you walk sideways, but we decided to brave the wind and go for a walk. Turns out, we picked the day of a storm to go frolicking along the coast, and people in the village were quite literally sandbagging their doors. Hunkering down for impending doom.

Due to said miserable weather, the coastal village we were in was deathly quiet with practically no shops open. Which of course, makes sense for a seaside town on a grey drizzly day in the middle of January. So when we spotted a cafe with its lights on, we were grateful to be able to nestle in and warm ourselves up.

We got chatting to the owner, about all sorts really (it started with a conversation about cushion covers, and ended with us putting the world to rights), and she said something that made me stop questioning all my life decisions.

It doesn’t matter where you live, what you do as a job or how much you earn. Keep it interesting and have something to tell people at dinner parties. 

For the past six months, I’ve been questioning what I want, what my life is going to look like, what I want to achieve etc etc. All the typical melodramatic stuff that fills most twenty-somethings with that endless worry.

But in reality, life will turn out, how it turns out and you have to just run with it. As long as you keep it interesting along the way – that’s what life’s all about. And the beautiful thing is, everyone’s version of keeping it interesting is different.

Visit that country, go see that play, go for cocktails with friends or start an obscure hobby. Just do you. By keeping life as varied and interesting as possible, the other boring adult bits that fill our time, become bearable and the silly stuff that we worry so much about becomes just that. Silly. 

Realising that the secret to life is to just keep it interesting is incredibly freeing. Trust me.

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