Wonderful Wednesday || January

I have made a compromise with myself. I love love love writing Wonderful Wednesdays, they are such a lovely reminder of all the beautiful, amazing and twee little things that make life, life, but I just can’t commit to them. I suck. As much as I try, I always end up leaving weeks between posts and I feel like a bit of a Wonderful Wednesday fraud.

So instead, I have decided to do a monthly version, a lot less commitment, a nice way to look back at the month and well even I can manage one a month. So with that being said, let us crack on with all the wonderfully brilliant things that has filled my January.

OH and I *know* everyone has had a bit of a sucky January, but I had a pretty sucky October, November and December, so my January has been GREAT. Sorry to brag you guys.


I couldn’t start this post without acknowledging my little pickle, aka my kitten Luna. Every single day she fills my heart with so much joy with her little quirks and mannerisms. She is a complete character, charming everyone she meets. Me and Dave have constant fights about who she loves the most, we both spoil her way to much, and she pretty much owns the place. She’s are own personal alarm clock, sticking her nose in our faces when its time to get up, she hides under the duvet when I get the hoover out and she loves playing with paper. I could talk about her all day (I won’t, don’t worry), she is just so damn wonderful. 

Fresh lunches 

As me and David are jetting off to Mexico in less than 3 months (eeek!), we have been trying to step up our healthy eating. Its not going great if I am entirely truthful; we are addicted to pizza at the moment (working in an Italian restaurant has great perks for my taste buds, not my waistline), so it is proving to be quite the challenge. To remedy that,  I have started to eat salads for lunch, and while I thought it would be awful, its actually not to bad. I am starving by dinner time, but if I still want to eat all the best things (pizza, chocolate, cake), sacrifices must be made!

Crisp mornings 

They have been rare, most mornings are filled with rain, but those crisp January mornings when the sky is clear, the grass if crunchy and that freshness that is in the air? Oh they are the best.

House Plants A’growing

My very first house plant is sprouting a new leaf! A very proud moment in our household. I’m quite glad that we haven’t actually killed it yet, not for Lunas lack of trying, and that it is growing tall and strong! For next year, I’m hoping for a beanstalk. 

Plans, plans, plans

Over Christmas I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to waste another second wallowing in self-pity, and I am going to make the most of my 2018. By January the 1st I was ready to start filling the year with adventures and plans. So that is exactly what I did! So far I am going to Poland and London, Mexico, Germany and New York. We are seeing the comedian John Richardson at the local theater, and I have booked a little weekend away in Wales staying in the most dreamy location. I’m itching to get more things booked, but money is a bit tight as…

We are buying a house!!

Another reason why January has been so great is that it is the perfect time to reflect on what you want from life. I always thought I’d move out of Devon, but things changed when I got ill. I ended up taking u a part-time job as a travel consultant, and as it turns out I’m really bloody good. It’s not what I graduated in, but it works for me and as it’s part-time I still get to volunteer with victims of crime, something I did go to university for. So while things didn’t work out as I would have expected, the way it has worked out is pretty damn good. We’ve decided as things are going so well at the moment we will stay put, buy a house and see what the future holds. I’ve decided not to make any 5 or 10 year plans as life throws all kinds of crazy at you. Plus, it is more freeing not to have grand plans. Incredibly freeing.

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