The Fortnightly || What I Have Been Enjoying Recently #01

Way back when, when I was far more *on it*, I used to read, watch and ingest a lot more culture than what I currently do now. This time, of course, was when I was a student with a schedule of only eight hours a week. Now I have two jobs, volunteer and have a busy life like most twenty-somethings, so it’s no wonder I used to read more, blog more, watch tv more and listen to far more podcasts, back in the glorious student days.

While in an ideal world it’d be great to go back to eight hour weeks again it ain’t going to happen, so I need to fit all those fun things around a new, adult life*. 2018 is the year where I want to absorb more culture, so I thought I’d start a new blog series, ‘The Fortnightly’ to document everything that I have been enjoying recently. Primarily it will be things I have enjoyed from the internet, but I may throw in a new book, tv show or podcast once in a while.

*Tell me, people, how do you manage to do it all? Work, blog, socialize build orphanages in Africa etc etc.  I seriously need a time management workshop. 

What I’ve been enjoying lately…

After seeing a retweet, I came across this piece about the search for NFL star Jackie Wallace. It is not something that would usually grab my attention, but this story is turbulent, heartbreaking, and unfortunately, unresolved. It is worthwhile to learn a little bit more about addiction, and hopefully, something will come from the story and Jackie Wallace will be found once again.

This 2018 To Do List by Kathy Brown is everything I wish I could articulate and more. As well as this short piece about Home, capturing feelings so beautifully. Everything this girl writes is sheer perfection.

Zoe Beaty writing about her depression is one of the rawest pieces of writing I have ever come across.

How Bianca has overcome a break-up is inspiring. Turning grief into a lesson is such a strength of character, I am in complete awe.

I can completely relate to Ten Penny Dreams sentiment of having a full, yet completely empty brain. Something I have been finding more and more to be true.

Another brilliantly raw piece of writing from Bloody Hell Brennan, where she discusses her struggles with mental health and the recovery she is going through.

Learning its okay to be average with Kelly Prince Writes.

I recently wrote about why I’m no longer making grand plans, opting to just Keep it Interesting instead, so Laura Reflected’s post about what she is ditching the bucket list, really resonated.

Discussions about sexual assault have finally been put centre stage, and this post by Tea Cake Travels about the lessons she has learnt from being sexually assaulted in India is worthwhile to the conversation.

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