Wonderful Wednesday || February

February has been a stripped back kind of month, which has been glorious. I had a few days off of work in the middle, which really made all the difference after a hectic January. I have a busy couple of months ahead, with three trips and buying a house, so it has been good to get a bit of a head start and catch up on boring life admin. While it has been a short and sweet month, there have been some wonderful little moments scattered throughout.

Let’s do this.

Slow Sundays

This month has been all about taking it slow, especially Sundays where I am known for cramming in as much as possible, for it is mine and Davids only day off together. Therefore, there have been lazy mornings, french toast croissants, winter walks and early evenings.  It has been lovely.

My Little Family 

I know I mentioned my little kitten Luna in my last Wonderful Wednesday, but I can’t help it. I am smitten. Throughout February I have found that I have been smiling to myself at just how perfect our little family is. That feeling of contentment often comes in the most ordinary of moments, David talking to Luna when she tries to help with the washing up, or when we are all cuddled on the sofa watching the umpteenth episode of Friends. It’s those small moments that make me so grateful for what I have.

Fresh Flowers

Oooft Spring is in the air, and I’m celebrating the season with filling my house with as many fresh flowers and house plants as I can. I have the fortunate advantage of my mum working in a florist, but we do have to keep the plants up high as Luna will try and eat every single one, the cheeky monkey!

I Joined The Gym…

And I actually enjoy it! A big deal for me, as someone who has never ever had a particularly active lifestyle. Even at school, me and my best friend would walk around the cross country track not even attempting to run as that’s how much we hated P.E.

This gym is a ladies only gym (hurrah!) and has the best trainers who are qualified to understand about chronic illness and how you can manage an active lifestyle, even if you are in pain. I’m feeling so much better in myself for it, and well if I do lose any weight that is just a happy side-effect!


With everything that is going on at the moment, buying a house and going on three trips within the space of six weeks, we both said that we weren’t going to waste money on presents and make them instead (inspired by Chandler and Monica of course).

I made Davids favourite cake, and David made our anniversary date out of copper pipe. It is hands down the sweetest thing he has ever done, winning him some serious brownie points!!


I can’t express how *excited* this made me! We never ever get snow in North Devon, so to wake up to it yesterday was a bit of a shock! I know its a major inconvenience for some (my bus was nearly an hour delayed), but I don’t care, the world feels a bit more magical with a sprinkling of the stuff!

Tofu Press

What a game changer. I love tofu but always found it a faff to have to dry it out in a million sheets of kitchen roll and placing something heavy on it. After spotting Cate in the Kitchens review on Tofuture, I thought I’d invest and it has been a 100% worth it. At £25 it isn’t cheap (I had an Amazon voucher), but it is worth it if you use a lot of tofu within your diet. My boyfriend, a carnivorous meat eater loves it and now we have tofu at least once a week.


I work in a rather fabulous Italian restaurant, with some of the best chefs I have ever come across. We got into a bit of a war on who makes the best pavlova, and I claimed that mine was legendary. 

To prove it, I made one and brought it into work, and they finished it off by adding mountains of whipped cream and mascarpone, fresh fruit and compote. My oh my, it was delicious and everyone was fighting for a slice at the end of the night!

Blogging Mojo

Finally, it’s the return of the blogging mojo! My mojo took a serious hit at the end of last year, but this year I am finally getting back into blogging again. I know what content I want to be creating, I’ve upped my food photography game, I rejoined Instagram and I have even written a brand spanking new ‘about me’ page. There have been some slight tweaks here and there, and I am following Jas’s blogging guides to understanding a bit more of the techy side of my blog. All I need to do is work on my social media…which I suck at! Any advice to help a lady out?

These ‘Wonderful Wednesdays’ you have seen scattered all over the bloggersphere have been inspired by the lovely Sally Tangle.  If you want to read more then check out Jo,  MichelleKateCatSam, PetaEl, and Ellie‘s blogs.