Wonderful Wednesday || March

And just like that, Easter has rolled around. How on earth are we a quarter of the way through the year? When I last sat down to write a lovely little list of wonderfulness I was reflecting on how February was a slow month, yet the same can not be said for March as playing catch up has been the theme of the month. April and May are set to be even busier, but in a glorious kind of way with an Easter break to Dorset, an 11-night stay in Mexico and (fingers crossed) moving into our new house (eeek!).

Despite the busyness and general run-downness that have tarred March, there have been some beautiful, wonderful moments dotted in between and it is exactly these lists that are a joy to create, so I can remember the ruddy wonderful, not just the stressful!

Let’s do this.

Cancelled plans If we cast our minds back to the first time it snowed in March (what an out of the ordinary sentence to say!), you’ll remember how bloody chaotic it all was. As a result of the madness, my flight to Poland was cancelled and although it was a shame as I was really looking forward to going, the weekend that I was meant to be there was spent at home, cosied up and spent doing all my favourite things; baking, blogging, eating and cuddles with the cat. So all an all, those cancelled plans turned out to be a godsend as it was the first time I had nothing planned, nothing to rush to get done and well, how often does that happen?

Freshly cut grass + rain I’ve never been one to say my favourite scent is freshly cut grass because well, it just isn’t. But when you mix the smell of freshly cut grass with rain? Oh man, I wish I could just bottle that up and spray it all over the house. I was pretty miserable that I had to walk home with no umbrella in the pouring down rain, but the fresh smells of spring really perked me up.

Brunch Now we have a bit more of a disposable income, I’ve made David promise me that at least every three weeks or so he’ll take me out to brunch. So far we’ve tried a new local cafe that has opened up, the kind that serves avocado on toast which is extremely trendy for my sleepy little town and Boston where I tried pulled jackfruit for the first time. Verdict: it’s pretty good!

Cooking mojo is back With busyness comes laziness in the kitchen, so I’ve been in a bit of a rut cooking wise. But after cleaning out the cupboards in preparation for the big move, I found some old bits and bobs that need to be used up. I asked the wonderful Sally if she’d give me some ideas and now I am chock full of new inspiration for dinner time. Cooking mojo has definitely returned, I just hope it sticks around!

London Towards to end of the month, I hopped on a train to London for a few days to see friends and eat *allll* the food. Which I did and it was bloody fantastic. I managed to try all the new bakeries that I have spotted on Instagram and a couple of new vegan places that have been on my list too. I took a stroll through Notting Hill on a glorious sunny day, wandered around Covent Garden and even meandered on over for a stroll down Brick Lane. But the best part? I caught up with some friends, old and new over burgers and fries, pizza and cocktails. Spending time with *your* people is the best feeling, it reminded me that I absolutely *need* to make more time to visit more.

These ‘Wonderful Wednesdays’ you have seen scattered all over the bloggersphere have been inspired by the lovely Sally Tangle.  If you want to read more then check out Jo,  MichelleKateCatSamPetaEl, and Ellie‘s blogs.