The Fortnightly || What I Have Been Enjoying Recently #05

So I hate to be one of those people who brag about how busy they are like it is a badge of honour, but lifes been a bit up and down and all around, so this week’s fortnightly is short and sweet and a day late. Sorry ’bout that. I did manage to have a jolly good Easter, wandering and exploring the entire weekend, which was just what the doctor ordered after a manic few weeks of weekend trips and boring house buying tasks. I hope you also managed to have a wonderful Easter too, and that you are enjoying the first signs of Spring. We aren’t quite there yet temperature wise – but I remain hopeful!

As always, there is some cracking stuff on the internet, so here is what I have been enjoying consuming over the past two weeks.

What I’ve been enjoying lately…

Suffering from a career slump? Bianca shares her advice on how to get out of a career funk.

Michelle talks about the importance of play in our everyday lives as this whole adult lark can be a drag. 

Recently I have been struggling with the feeling of going at a million miles an hour but achieving nothing. So Sophie sharing her slower living challenge has really helped give me a push to take a step back and enjoy a slower pace of life.

Sophie shares her advice on how to become a better writer.

Anna gives her insight on what the future of blogging will look like.

The High Low is back and just as brilliant as ever!

Jas shared her experience of cutting out sugar for 7 weeks – which I think shows some superhuman willpower as I could never ever cut out sugar!