16 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Holbox

Oh, Holbox. A place that has my heart and a place that I *will* emigrate to, to live out my days. On my recent visit to Mexico, we took an excursion to Isla Holbox (pronounced Hol-bosh), an island that is only 40km long and with a population of 400. We were told not only was it breathtaking, but it was authentically Mexican too. Which is something that, after staying in a luxury resort, we were craving to experience.

We went the day before a thunderstorm, so it was unbelievably hot and sticky. There was no wind in the air at all, so when we arrived on the island, via boat from Chequila, I was being spoilt and grumpy as I was so uncomfortable. As soon as I arrived though I was confronted by so many different colours and sounds, my mood lifted and I instantly felt relaxed. It’s hard to explain, but Holbox is the definition of island lifestyle and let me tell you, it is something I can certainly get on board with.

While there are hotels on the island, there aren’t any high-rises or chains, a welcome change from the resorts that you get in mainland Mexico. It is only in the past year that it has become more accessible to reach, due to a new road that cuts in half the travel time to the port town of Chequila. It is still about a two and a half hours journey from Cancun, but before it used to take five hours! Therefore, the island still retains it’s authenticity and has an extremely laidback vibe. It is still somewhat of a hidden gem – with some areas on the island we visited completely untouched by people. A rarity that I hope will remain.

I plan to visit again soon before this place becomes commercialised, an inevitability, I’m sure, due to how beautiful it is. Holbox is full of life, colour and sunshine and possibly my favourite place I have ever visited. I hope these photos will convince you to visit too.

Are you convinced? I’m sure you are. I plan on writing my own experiences of visiting paradise, but in the meantime, you should read Wanderlust Chloe’s guide as well as Emily Luxton’s guide too.

What is your favourite place that you have visited?