The Fortnightly || What I Have Been Enjoying Recently #06

Happy bank holiday everyone! I hope it is full of plenty of booze, sunshine and cracking food. Today’s installment of the fortnightly is wonderfully late, as two Sundays ago I was in glorious Mexico! A combination of airport waits, 10-hour flights and lazy days at the beach means that I have read a lot, so here is everything I think you need to be reading too! Enjoy.

What I’ve been enjoying lately…

Everything Kathy writes is utterly gorgeous, but this post on everything she has learned by working in a hospice is particularly beautiful. Oh, and if you want another wonderful piece of writing from Kathy, you need to read this.

I love reading an agony aunt column and this new, ‘Ask A Fuck-Up,‘ feature from The Outline is brilliant.

Jenny has recently moved to New Zealand and in this post, she talks about how calm she is when she is near the sea. Growing up on the coast, I can most certainly relate.

Katie from La Coco Noire has the most stunning photography ever (check out all of her New York posts!), but this life-affirming post dedicated to S Club, of all things, really made me giggle.

This post from Emily Luxton on how Instagram is ruining her life is an oldie, but it is something I can really resonate with.

Bianca shares why it’s important to learn how to not only accept, but love the unknown, something that has taken me getting chronically ill, to embrace. When life throws you a curve ball, whether it be a break-up, health issue or losing your job it can knock you for six. But as soon as you give up those 5/10/15 year plans you’ll realize it is so incredibly freeing not to be tied to plans and embrace that we just *don’t* know where life is going to lead us.

Anna recently wrote her experience with having a psychotic episode and it is one of the bravest things I have ever read.

Read something *amazing* recently? Please share everything you’ve been loving in the comments!