Things I Am Curious About

One of my favourite blogging ladies, Stephie, from A Cup of Creative, recently posted a list of things she is curious about. The idea of her post stemmed from a podcast that she had listened to, which suggested that you should forget your passion and instead, follow your curiosity. She followed this thought up by posting a long list of things that she is curious about in order to a) inspire her readers and b) to invite her readers to get in touch and see if they can help her with anything that was on her curiosity list.

After reading Stephie’s post, it really got me thinking about everything that I am curious about and it made me realize that I have a lot of interests and curiosities that I don’t pursue, or put any weight onto. This is when the excuse of ‘being too busy’, comes into play but it is true that modern life (and often, too much time on social media!) results in us forgetting to pursue what really interests and excites us.

Therefore, thanks to Stephie I have managed to unjumble all the ideas and curiosities in my brain to create my own little list of everything that I am curious about.

Running a cafe  The dream would be to open up my own cafe which would be *known* for having the best desserts in the entire town. Too ambitious?

Selling street food Another curiosity of mine, I have so many ideas on what I would sell!

Mentoring I mentored at university and for a domestic abuse charity and found the whole process very rewarding.

Period Poverty Suffering from endo means period poverty is something that horrifies me. I’d love to create a way of making it easier to donate sanitary products to the woman and girls who suffer from period poverty.

Promoting North Devon North Devon doesn’t get as much tourism as Cornwall or South, so I’d love to work alongside the tourism board to promote it.

Becoming a better photographer My landscapes, people, indoor and low-light photography all needs improving on!

Travel more Well who isn’t curious about seeing the world?

Improving my maths I used to be good at maths, but since leaving school it all just disappeared…

History/Culture/Art  I would *love* to be a cultured person – but where on earth would I even begin?

Classic literature Refer to the point above.

Fundraising I’ve done a little bit of fundraising in the past and *loved* organizing it. If I had the time, this is something I think I’d be really good at.

Understanding nutrition I’ve never been science-y, but understanding the way food affects our body is something that I’d love to understand.

So tell me, what are your curiosities? I really think everyone needs a curiosity list because, well, isn’t that what life’s all about?