Wonderful Wednesday || May

Phew, what a month May has been! It’s felt long, but then I suppose I have crammed in a bloody lot. We were treated to not one but TWO bank holiday weekends, as well as a helluva lot of sunshine! What a treat. Summer has well and truly arrived (even though I know *technically* it hasn’t quite arrived yet!) and May has given me a good taste of what the next few months have in store; plenty of day trips to the coast, drinks in beer gardens and many many ice-creams.

I’ve had a lot going on in May, so let’s crack right on with it’s most wonderful moments.

Devon walks Coastal walks, early morning walks – even just walks down the back lanes were absolutely bloody glorious. Wild garlic is lining the hedges, sunshine is glistening off of the river and with the sunshine out and cloudless skies, the sea turns the most beautiful shade of deep blue. Lighter evenings and sunshiny days are making walking around Devon a delight. *This* is why living in Devon, with the sea on when side and mounds of countryside on the other, is so bloody good.

Lovely get well wishes As you may have seen from this post, I had an overnight stay in hospital at the beginning of May and I received so many lovely get-well wishes. The power of the internet and female friendships is something really bloody special and I love and appreciate each and everyone one of yous!

Everything by Shonda Rhimes I have INHALED every single one of Shonda’s shows during May. I caught up with The Scandal and HTGAWM finale (let me know your thoughts if you saw them!) and I am still currently watching my fav-show Grey Anatomy and the new show Station 19. Everything Shonda does is pure genius and gives me such feels. If you need a new show to watch start with Grey’s. It.is.the.best.

We moved into our brand new house! May was the month we finally moved into our house, and, albeit slightly stresful, it has been wonderful to have*our own* house (still nuts to me that I’m a home-owner!). Luna has settled in well, we’ve already had a mini BBQ, pizza night and friends over for drinks. Cosmetically there is still a lot of work to do and bits and bobs to buy, but I’m not too worried as those things will come in time. I just want to start enjoying having our own little space to call ours.

Alpacas on Twitter I have this thing for alpacas, so when I saw this twitter account on my feed of an alpaca farm in Northumberland, I became a woman obsessed. Every night David has picture time, where I show him my favourite alpaca photo of the day – and I’ve become quite invested in the lives of these bloody alpacas. For me, it has provided me with a little joy every day I have a scroll, so I think everyone needs an alpaca shaped sprinkling of joy in their lives!

Evening light Oh that golden hour. Isn’t it glorious? In our old house, the light would fill the entire bedroom with the most beautiful colour and we could see the sunset over the brow of the field behind our house. Now, the light completely fills the new house, from room to room – it’s wonderful.

A freshly washed fringe I think Sally will relate to me here. I’m a lover of how bloody quick and easy a good ole spritz of dry shampoo can be in the morning, but there is not a more glamorous feeling than a freshly washed, bouncy blow-dried fringe.

The smell of warm rain At the weekend, we experienced one of the most beautiful lightning storms I think I have ever seen – the lightning flashes were constant, filling up the sky with the most incredible white light. The rain was pouring as well, almost tropical. It gave me the most almighty headache (is anyone else incredibly sensitive to pressure?!), but the smell of rain was divine – hot, sticky, warm rain. What a rare treat!

So, there is my lot for this month! As you can tell it has been a bloody good one. If you wanted to catch up with more lovely lists, check out the inspiration behind it all – Sally Tangle as well as JoCatSamPetaEl and Ellie