The Fortnightly || What I Have Been Enjoying Recently #08

After completing a busy two weeks of settling into the new house and a non-stop week at work, I’m glad that it is finally Sunday and I can just *breathe* again. Now things have finally calmed down from a busy busy May and the summer looks like it has well and truly arrived, I’m looking forward to slowing down during June and enjoying the sunshine.

Despite the madness, here are all the wonderful posts and articles that I have managed to consume as of late.

What I’ve been enjoying lately…

This article by The Culture Trip shares a ‘personality atlas’ that has been created by JWT which has renamed the continents and grouped countries together based on their stereotypes – I am not *thrilled* that the UK is under the continent ‘Smugsville* but I *suppose* it is fairly apt.

Brennan questions ‘What the F actually is self-care?’

This beautiful piece by Ten Penny Dreams shows how life really is short and you need to spend time *living it*.

Talking of which, these life affirmations shared by The Sunday Mode may be the helping hand that you need.

There are no A*’s in adulting was a post I really enjoyed by Jo Fisher Writes – it gives a big ‘F you’ to those milestones we have been tricked into thinking we need to hit.

I recently discovered Emma’s blog Lime After Lime and I am obsessed. Her Slow Sundays series are a joy to read.

Read something *amazing* recently? Please share everything you’ve been loving in the comments!