The Fortnightly || What I Have Been Enjoying Recently #09

Happy Monday! I write this in advance, as when this post goes live on Monday morning I will be in Saint Lucia on a work trip. Working as a travel agent really is a dream come too, as I get to travel as part of my job! I count myself as one lucky duck.

But as its Saturday morning when I’m writing this and I haven’t quite packed up everything yet – this intro is going to be short and sweet. Let’s have a look at everything I’ve consumed over the past two weeks!

What I’ve been enjoying lately…

Rebecca from Run Away Kiwi talks about the reasons behind why she quit her job and explains to her readers that if something isn’t bringing you any joy – you need to ask is it still right for you?

Talking about work, Floraidh talks about how to find balance when you work a 9-5. 

Cat very bravely shares her story on when she found a lump on her breast. Luckily, it wasn’t anything serious but it gives an insight into the process of what happens if you ever did find a lump and Cat urges us ladies to be aware if anything seems unusual about our breasts.

I have been binge-watching some great TV recently with both Patrick Melrose and A Very English Scandal being addictive, thrilling and incredibly, both true stories. Patrick Melrose (available on Sky) stars Benedict Cumberbatch as a heroin addict who is coming to terms with the death of his abusive father. It’s beautifully shot and the acting in it is award-worthy. A Very English Scandal (available on BBC Iplayer) stars Hugh Grant as UK politician Jeremy Thorpe who had a homosexual relationship then tried to cover it up by plotting to murder his former lover. It is absolutely bonkers and a must watch!

Why do you travel? Monica from the Travel Hack sums it up perfectly for me!

And on the subject of travel, Annie Bishop shares why you don’t have to travel far, to have an adventure.

This post by Cherie explores why we are so unhappy in our twenties and how we can combat it.

Discovered something *amazing* recently? Please share everything you’ve been loving in the comments!