11 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Saint Lucia

I recently got the opportunity to visit Saint Lucia, as part of my job as a travel agent. Saint Lucia tourism board hosted me and various other agents from around the country and we got to visit the whole of the island, from the famous Pitons in the South to the lively Rodney Bay in the North.

There was so much about Saint Lucia that blew me away. Located in the Eastern Caribean, Saint Lucia isn’t just white sandy beaches and sparkling blue sea. It certainly has both of those things, but really¬†Saint Lucia is a playground full of adventures.¬†The landscape is varied, from lush tropical rainforests, mountains, waterfalls and volcanos. It has a rich culture and is heavily influenced by its French and British colonial past.

The lifestyle here is colourful and full of that Caribbean charm. Here are 11 photos that will make you want to add Saint Lucia to your travel bucket list.