How To Make Moving House *Relatively* Stress Free

Buying a house? EASY. Everyone thinks that buying a house can be stressful, which it is, but the stress comes down to being in limbo, as not knowing exactly when your moving can be frustrating.

Moving house on the other hand!? HOLY MOLY that shit is stressful. Not only is packing up your entire house, only to unpack it, the work of the devil but there are so many other things you need to think of when moving house. Changing the address on your driving licence, setting up new accounts for your utility suppliers and notifying the council on your change of address, are just some examples of the mind-numbing tasks you have to do when you move.

So, as I am a self-titled Monica Geller, as proved by this post here, I thought I’d share exactly what I did to make my move as *relatively* stress free as possible (it was still stressful, but if I hadn’t done everything already on this list?! Well I think I would have murdered someone).

Ring *literally* everyone Spend an afternoon a couple of weeks before you move and ring everyone you can think of – the council, utility suppliers, BT, SKY and whatever other services you use in your current house, that you want to take over to the new house. Ringing BT was first on my list as I wanted to ensure I had WiFi the minute we moved in, but notifying the council is pretty important as well as the water company and energy suppliers (but lol, not as important as WiFi). It is also important to let the doctors, dentists and opticians know as well – but this can be done at your next appointments.

Update microchips Apparently this is the number one reason why pets take so long to get reunited with their owners; people don’t update their pets microchips! If you do have a furry little friend then make sure you update their microchip to your new address. If they don’t have a microchip and you are moving to a new area, now may be a good idea to consider getting a microchip for them. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

Insurance Buying a new house? Make sure you get buildings insurance soon after exchange – remember if it burns down before you move in, you’ve still got to pay the mortgage. If you are moving into rented it would useful to get contents insurance for your new place or update your existing policy to your new address.

Cleaners Usually when you move out of somewhere you have to make sure the place you’re leaving is sparkly clean – this can be particularly stressful when you have to move as not only are you packing and unpacking but you have to then CLEAN the old house. Where is the mercy? Consider hiring a cleaner for a couple of hours to do the kitchen or bathroom (the two biggest cleaning nightmares) or alternatively rope in family members and each tackle a room. We paid for someone to clean the carpets professionally, but my mum helped us clean the house, making it much less stressful than if we had to do it all ourselves.

Moving Van As soon we had the moving date we got straight on the phone to book a van as they can get booked up quick. Do you need a man and a van? Or just to hire one? Those things aren’t cheap so give yourself plenty of time to shop around for the best option.

Parking Permit This is not something that most people need to worry about, but if the new house requires you to pay for a parking permit, get straight onto the phone to the council and organise it for the day you move in – you don’t want to be stung by a huge fine for parking outside your own house!

To do list for *after* you move After you’ve initially moved in, things are crazy and you’ll be living out of boxes for what can seem like forever. It can be useful, ahead of time, to make a to-do list of things and keep it in the notes section on your phone (can’t lose it then!), so you don’t need to remember everything you need to do. Your brain will be a big stressful mess after you’ve moved, so a little reminder list is helpful. My list of things that I could only do after we moved in included buying a cat flap for Luna, telling the bank we had changed address and changing the address on our TV licence.

Money tracker We were fortunate enough to have some money leftover from buying our house, but it was a set amount for things like furniture, curtains and carpets etc. It’s so easy to overspend when it comes to buying different bits and it is surprising how soon things do add up. To try and keep on top of how much spending we had been doing I keep the receipts of whatever we buy for the house and put the details on a spreadsheet – this way we know that we have already spent x,y,z on the carpets so we have to be a bit more picky with what wardrobe we buy.

Pack a suitcase Just like you would for going on a holiday, pack a suitcase with a few days worth of clothes, toiletries, gadgets and chargers etc. This way, for the first few days you can just live out of the suitcase and you don’t need to try and rummage around boxes for the bits and bobs you will need!

Despite doing *all* of those things, moving was still a stressful experience that I won’t’ be doing again in a hurry! I do empathise if you have to move soon. But for those who have moved recently, tell me, do you have any tips on how to make moving a stress-free experience? I’d love to hear them!