Wonderful Wednesday || June

YES JUNE. You absolutely rocked and proved wonderful in EVERY possible way. The arrival of a PROPER summer, visiting Saint Lucia, LOVE ISLAND (oh my god send me all the DMS about Love Island as I can’t stop going on about it) and the settling in of our new house were just SOME of the ways you proved how bloody great you are.

Here are some more reasons why you, June, were the most ruddy wonderful month so far.

Discovering new places Now summer is here, my big long list of places to explore is slowly getting ticked off. Devon is full of hidden gems, some, that despite living here all my life, I am yet to discover. One new place was Broadsands beach (pictured below) which was like stepping into a completely new country. You quite literally have to walk down a cliff to get to it (we counted 250 steps on the way down!), but it was worth it for the most breathtaking views. Just LOOK at it! 

Love Island Who else is bloody OBSESSED? After all the excitement I saw from last years show, I decided this year I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. On the night that it started, I practically forced David to watch it with me. Little did I know we would become hooked straight away and even cancel plans so we didn’t miss what Alex had done to Rosie (ha! Remember that?). I am a woman possessed by bloody Love Island and I don’t mind one bit.

The house Last month I shared how we had just bought a house and now we are in, I am falling in love with all its little quirks and charms. The way the morning light hits the house as soon as I wake it spectacular, and I love how still the street is in the evening. We are slowly getting there with all the interiors; we have decorated both bedrooms and had completely new flooring all the way through the house so it’s beginning to have our own stamp on it. The next big task is the living room and I can’t wait to get cracking and be creative.

Saint Lucia The most wonderful part of June was my work trip to Saint Lucia. Now, I know that a trip to Saint Lucia doesn’t sound like work, but I promise you it was. As a travel agent, tourism boards want to encourage agents to sell the destination, so I and 14 other agents got whisked over to Saint Lucia to visit hotels (we ended up visiting just under 20 in 6 days) and do excursions that show off the best of the island. Despite long hours and no free time whatsoever, it most certainly did not feel like work and we got treated like royalty with three-course dinners each day and the most wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Saint Lucia is a BEAUTIFUL destination and I would love to return to one day. Caribbean lifestyle is something I can certainly get on board with.

I started a new hashtag! 

I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. It drives me quite LITERALLY insane with all the rules, hashtags, crappy algorithm… the list goes on. BUT I love the little community it fosters and I wanted to encourage more people to show the more wonderfully ordinary bits of our lives that are fun to the non-insta famous people of the world. Thus, #ordinarybutfun was born. Join in and tag your ordinary but fun moments, I’d love to see them!

I had a little bit of a moan the other day on the plights of Instagram, but I've had a a word and said to myself I need to get a bloody grip. Life GOES ON beyond social media and I shouldn't feel guilty for not posting regularly or having anything ground breaking to say. Truth is my life is very very ordinary and I don't want it to be anything more. Fun things that have happened to me this week? I had a trip to IKEA which was *exhausting* but exciting (it is like a military operation to visit an IKEA store!), my plant grew a new leaf and we taught Luna how to use a cat flap. Perhaps I should start a new hashtag for all of our ordinary lives that we wouldn't have any other way #ordinarybutfun . . . . #findingthejoyineveryday  #thismomentofmine #littlemoments #documentyourdays #myhappyviews #alittlebeautyeveryday  #cornersofmyworld #colourinmysquare #incolourfulcompany #acolorstory #inspirationiscolour #thatcolorproject #colourfulgossip #thelifestylecollective #littlestoriesofmylife #enjoythelittlethings #photosbetween #momentsofmine #documentlife #seekthesimplicity #aquietstyle #daysofsmallthings #darlingdaily #mylifeinsquares #daysofsmallthings

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So, there is my wonderful not-so-little list for this month! I didn’t think it could top May, but it bloody did.  If you wanted to catch up with more lovely lists, check out the inspiration behind it all – Sally Tangle as well as JoCatSamPetaEl and Ellie