Dreams of a Travel Agent || My Bucket List Destinations

As a travel agent, it is my job to send people on holidays, all day every day. Now, as someone who already has a thirst for travel, my job is full of temptation and pure pure jealousy. I have so many destinations now well and firmly on my bucket list, some a little bit more achievable than others (can I justify spending £8000 on a 7 night holiday!? No I can’t), but a girl can dream. I drive David mad with the number of places I say I want to go to, but can he blame me? I have to research these amazing places all *bloody* day long!

Therefore, here are my dreams as a travel agent, places that we have sent people too and places that I now really really want to visit.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas was never really somewhere on my radar before I became a travel agent, but then I learnt you can swim with pigs. Yes really. On Exuma beach, you can go out and swim with some lovely, gentle not so little piggies and it looks awesome. Obviously, pigs aren’t natural born swimmers so it’s a bit of a mystery how they came to be on the island in the first place and why they started swimming but apparently, they quite enjoy it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited the Caribbean twice this year and Caribbean lifestyle is something that I can really get used too. The calm Caribbean sea, golden sandy beaches and the freshest food available? Oh yes, sign me up to the Caribbean any time. 


The Canadian Rockies

The Candian Rockies is one of the destinations I get asked the most about and is one of the most expensive holidays that I sell – one customer spent over £28,000! The Rocky Mountaineer (a 5* train service that covers the span of the Rocky Mountains) is a bucket list experience for many clients, but it can come with a hefty price tag!

Until I win the lottery, I think my best option (and it’s still a pricey option!), would be to do a road-trip around the Rocky mountains, starting in Vancouver and ending in Jasper. But the question is Winter or Summer? I can’t decide!



Japan has long been on my list before I worked at the travel agents, but I absolutely had to include it. The food, the temples and landscapes – I am desperate to visit. I once had customers who had previously done Japan and they gave me so much advice on how they planned it all out and what their favourite experiences were. I was talking to them for well over 45 minutes!

It’s not the cheapest place to visit, but it’s mine and David’s bucket list destination and I figure if we both save our pennies we can make it a reality within a couple of years. Maybe. 



Before I became a travel agent, Singapore didn’t excite me, but now I have sold a couple of stop-overs in Singapore (mainly for people fly to Austrailia) and completed a Singapore training course (we have quite literally got *hundreds* of courses available to us!), it is now firmly on my wishlist.

Gardens by the Bay looks beautiful and it would be ah-mazing to have rooftop cocktails looking out onto the skyline. But the biggest draw for me? The food. With such a melting pot of cuisines, you just know the food there would be incredible!



Another inquiry I get a lot is for Lapland, mainly because people want to take their children. Now, I don’t have children (and would despise being anywhere where there are tons of hyper children running around!), but Lapland is so much more than Santa’ grotto.

Lapland can be either Finnish Lapland or Sweedish Lapland and both are great for viewing the northern lights (even better than Iceland!). Some lodges you can get look out of this world and there are so many fun things that you can do including husky safaris, visiting a reindeer farm or quad-biking in the snow!


Norway Fjords

Finally, we have the Norway Fjords, the most beautiful and under-rated destination, IMO.  Again, the Norweigan  Fjords was somewhere I hadn’t really considered until starting work at the travel agents but now I do know about them, I am desperate to see them for myself!

They are great as both a summer and winter destination. Being so high in the Arctic Circle, they are perfect for spotting the northern lights in the winter but in the summer their beauty really shines, as the snow melts and reveals such a lush, green landscape. Another expensive option to add to the ever-growing list! 

With so many bucket list destinations, I don’t even know where I should start! What makes your list?