3rd September 2018

My Favourite Bakeries in Central London

If you didn’t already know, I have a bit of a sweet tooth. Anything sugary sings to my heart, so whenever I am in a new destination I am heading straight to the internet to see where I can get the best sugar fix from. London is chock full of incredible bakeries that have are full of doughnuts, cupcakes and brownies that I would walk to London, from Devon, for.

So here is a selection of the best bakeries in Central that I *always* seek out whenever I’m in the city.

The Hummingbird Bakery

What An American style bakery filled with cupcakes, layer cakes, brownies and the most insanely delicious desserts.

Where Lucky for you, The Hummingbird Bakery is located all around London; Soho, Notting Hill, Spitalfields, South Kensington and Islington.

Eat You absolutely must try a black bottom cupcake, a rich chocolate sponge filled with cream cheese and topped with a cream cheese icing. That is my go-to cupcake for cream cheese icing is the best. The raspberry cheesecake brownie is also delicious as are their whoopie pies. Everything is huge in true American style, with the calories to boot.

The Primrose Bakery

What The Primrose Bakery is a little vintage-style bakery selling cupcakes, layer cakes and the most gorgeous milkshakes. They have a couple of books too, which I have and would highly recommend. Their strawberry layer cake recipe is heavenly.

Where The Primrose Bakery has three stores around London, their flagship store is at Primrose Hill, but they also have stores in Covent Garden and on Kensington Highstreet.

Eat Any of their cupcakes are delicious, but my favourite has to be the Malteaser cupcakes OR if you go in the Spring, try their Easter nest cakes!

Crumbs and Dollies

What Crumbs and Dollies is the creation of Youtuber Cupcake Jemma, who gained a huge following after appearing on Jamie Olivers Food Tube. Jemma originally sold through online orders, but in 2015 she was able to open up her first customer-facing store.

Where There is only one Crumbs and Dollies store at the moment, located in Soho in Kingly Court. It is quite small, so keeps your eyes peeled for it so you don’t miss it!

Eat Their brownies. Absolutely hands down. Ignore the cupcakes (they are delicious though!) and head straight for the chocolatey goodness that is their brownies. They do different flavours each day, but if you spot a cookie dough brownie – you are in for a real treat!


What Bageriet is a little Swedish bakery selling traditional Scandinavian treats. It’s small and cosy, but you can certainly the best place in the city to get your fika fix from.

Where Tucked down a little side street in Covent Garden. You have to seek it out, but it is certainly worth it!

Eat Their almond and orange cakes (I had them when I visited Gothenburg and they are delicious) or a great big cinnamon bun. They also have some delicious cream-filled cakes near the tills which look to die for.

Bread Ahead

What Bread Ahead is an artisan bakery that has no frills or fuss, just great tasting, high-quality bakes. If you are looking for something phenomenal to try? Go here.

Where Bread Ahead has a couple of stores, one in Soho and another in Chelsea. But they do also have a stall at Borough Market where they sell a great selection of their loaves of bread as well as their famous doughnuts.

Eat Their salted caramel and honeycomb doughnuts are INSAAANE. If I could fit it all in I would eat one of each flavour and just gorge because their doughnuts are something else. I would also reccomend their Foccacia from the Borough Market Stall, delicious. 

What are your favourite sweet treats from the city? Is there any I need to add to my list?