Have I lost my mo-jo?

For years I have enjoyed other peoples blogs, reading their stories and following their lives. My favourite kinds of blogs to read are those who write poetically, who make the ordinary into a romanticized reality, the kinds of blogs that you can get lost in… 

Sally Tangle, Kathy B and Lime After Lime are excellent at this. 

I have always longed to be able to write in such a way, to be able to capture the feelings of nostalgia and that ‘romantic’ view of the world – to inspire people to enjoy the little moments of life, just as I have been inspired by others and their words.

As much as I wish I could write in such ways, I have come to the realization that my current day-to-day does not just lend itself to such poetic musings. My health has meant I’ve become a bit of a home-body, too tired to do much at all apart from TV watching and scrolling mindlessly through social media.

I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, to try new things and be more adventurousbut, in all truth, I just don’t think that is me at this moment in time. And I need to accept that. Being chronically ill means I just don’t have the energy to do fun and exciting things much less make them look exciting or romantic.

My life, right now, is full of small joys; talking for hours with friends, getting lost in a box set, baking for no reason at all, getting early nights and having cuddles with the cat. While I want to celebrate the small joys, I’m just not in the right head-space to do so. Ever since buying a house and settling into my role at work have I felt more like a grown-up.

And I think realising that I am an adult now, has made me lose my mojo.

Therefore, I suppose I am going old school blogging. I will still share bakes from time to time as well as the occasional life musing, but it will be if and when the inspiration strikes.

I hope you don’t mind.